The power of AI: Skylum implements smart AI in the upcoming Luminar 3 updated photo editor

December 2018 will be a very interesting month for professional and amateur photographers. With a team made of artificial intelligence (AI) experts and passionate photographers, Skylum AI Lab took image enhancement to a new level. The upcoming Luminar 3 incorporates AI technology in order to deliver the best picture enhancer ever.

It isn’t the first time when Skylum aims to be the best in its field. The competition for best Mac photo editor is still running and Luminar becomes a more powerful competitor every year. It has a rather new approach, based on filters and presets, and AI makes it almost magical. Smart tools seem to be the future of image editing, especially for basic adjustments and realistic photography.

Luminar philosophy

There are some very good points in Luminar’s approach. With Adobe Photoshop and other strong competitors, it’s not easy to trust in innovative technology and think outside the box. But the enthusiastic team at Skylum knows that time and efficiency are very important in photographers life. When you are on the road, searching for the best location and waiting for the perfect weather conditions, you don’t really want to spend hours in front of a computer. So using filters, presets, and a very good photo management are essential.

As always, Luminar is focused on realistic effects. Photography evolved a lot, but its main function remains reflecting the reality. Even in artful projects, like Guillaume Hebert’s mix of painting and photography, a realistic editing is desired. There is even more need of subtlety in family portraits, documentary and street photography, nature and wildlife photography.

Smart Tools in Luminar 3

Luminar 3 benefits much more from AI technologies than its previous versions. It not only gives you powerful tools, but it also learns how you think and what you often want. As always, from dramatic effects to natural subtleties, Luminar thought of everything.


An organized photographer keeps the images grouped and labeled. Because this can be boring and time consuming, Luminar 3 will do it for you. It automatically groups your image by date. Then, it gives you easy ways to navigate and adjust your photos. You can establish a set of edits for a single image and sync all the adjustments with a click.

Sky Enhancer

To help you achieve the perfect sky, Luminar 3 offers the AI powered tool, Sky Enhancer. Trained on millions of images, Sky Enhancer detects and adjust the sky in an astonishing way. The effect is realistic and discrete. You can control its intensity with a slider, but there is nothing more to do. This AI tool takes very good decisions by itself. The training considered many gear producers (Canon, Nikon, Sony etc.) and many photography styles. They even thought at stormy skies and sunsets. The entire process takes only a few seconds, giving you plenty of time to take some more pictures.

Sun Rays

  1. Whether you prefer landscape photography, street photography, portraits or abstract photography, having a tool which adds sun to your images is a wonderful thing. Sun Rays is also a proof of ingenuity. It allows you to add strong sun rays or just a subtle glow. As with Sky Enhancer, the tool does all the work. The most impressive part is that you can’t say that the image was edited. The result is extremely realistic.

Accent AI

Accent AI is another useful tool brought to you by Luminar 3. Accent AI mix together a bunch of basic image adjustments in order to reduce the time and energy you spend editing. With a realistic result in mind, this tool manages exposure, saturation, contrast, color, tone, and many other small, but so necessary, adjustments. It allows you to control the intensity of the effect. To get the best results, crop and straighten the image before applying this filter. AI tools are smart, but they don’t know what you want to keep in your image and will take in consideration all the image’s elements.

Technology made possible image recognition, image segmentation, and image enhancing. AI has the power to make image editing more efficient. It doesn’t replace human expertise or talent, but it automatizes some basic steps. From mobile applications that mimics great painters work to face recognition present in every camera, AI helps the development of an artistic and creative world.