The Best Features Your Website Builder Must Have – Mobirise

When we talk about Web design trends, we can’t stick with a few web designs. As web design trends keep changing with technology. Almost every year, a new web design trend appears in the industry so that people and their business websites always stay up-to date and trendy. But yes, there are some of the evergreen web designs, which are available among many latest ones, and they appear pretty praiseworthy to people. These kinds of web designs turn out to be the most popular and bring a kind of revolution in web design trends.

What is Mobirise?

Mobirise Website Builder is free website builder software available for Windows and Mac that allows its users to make outstanding mobile-friendly websites without any type of coding. You can create your personalized website in a very simple way without even knowing any hi-tech HTML coding. You are able to create websites, landing pages, portfolios, and online resumes by using Mobirise. It is the optimum solution for the beginners to create their own website without using coding and other nuances.

Features of Mobirise

WYSIWYG and drag-and-drop

Designing your own website through Mobirise software, firstly, you would not require learning HTML coding as it generates HTML coding itself and forms the HTML code every single time you try to click, drag and drop the templates of your website to the right place with the help of the WYSIWYG interface. Settling on the looks of the website is considered to be the most complex and unsatisfied thing but with the help of WYSIWYG, you can do it easily.

Form Creation

The free in-built form builder extension of Mobirise allows you to choose from a wide assortment of designs and patterns of web forms and then, you can customize them to make certain if they go well with your data, preferences, and websites look. These web forms smoothen the progress of interaction with the visitors of the website, in spite of whether you want to take feedback from them, perform surveys, do tests and quiz, or create a catalog of those clients visiting your website.

Responsive Design

Responsive design is all about fast and quick to respond nature of the website. So, you require a website that is mainly adapted for mobile phones for easy analysis and navigation with least zooming and scrolling through an extensive range of mobile phones. This all can be done with Mobirise that has a mobile responsive design working on Bootstrap 4 and AMP Pages to make the experience of the visitor fast and smooth.


Mobirise is not just software, it’s your canvas to make something creative with 1500+ templates, blocks, and themes which give you lots of option to customize your website and make it unique. You just need to select the templates from the thousands and drag-and-drop them where you want to see them be placed and that’s it. You have done an artwork.

Ease of Use

It is one of the easy to use PC applications that provides a user-friendly interface to its visitors. You would not meet with any kind of difficulty due to easy to understand parameters. The visual editing lets you avoid going deeper in the HTML codes and allows you doing your work with the graphical and textual user interface.

Web Trends

For adding more 2D look to web designs, you are able to use Parallax scrolling in your web designs by using Mobirise. Parallax scrolling brings the effect of the two-dimensional scrolling to the website in which background images moves slower than the foreground images and thus creates a parallax effect. What’s more? You can use gradients while making your website to blend the colors with each other to give a unique look to the website. Last but not the Least, with the help of Content Animation, you are able to present your thoughts or your business in front of the visitors in a creative way by selecting how your texts and images would appear to the user.

So, what are the consequences of this article?

Technology has been progressing to improve the future of the next generation and HTML coding has contributed a lot in making the base of the websites, their appearance, and their performance. And without these three things, a website is almost nothing. Thus, learning HTML is very important for web developers and web designers. But what if you are not a professional web developer and still want a good looking website? In such, taking the help of website building software like Mobirise would be the perfect solution for you.