Smart Home Tech of 2019 That Changes How We Interact with Our Homes

Smart appliances are bringing our homes into the world of the future thanks to our connected world. Some of these gadgets would have been beyond belief just 20 years ago, but now they’ve become commonplace for most households. Check out this list of crazy futuristic tech that is driving our move towards the future, as there is now a wide variety of new technology changing how we interact with not only our homes, but also our guests.

Portable Color Digitizer

A tiny cube the size of a small ring box can now identify and store all your favorite colors from any surface. Ever saw a brilliant color you wanted to capture for use in a DIY project later? That’s now possible with the Palette Cube Portable Color Digitizer. The gadget uses state of the art technology to block out ambient light and perfectly capture the color as it is intended to be seen.

Portable Touch-Responsive Projector

Sony has brought to life a new short-throw projection system that responds to touch input. The device can produce a display of up to 80 inches in size and works on walls and floors. The projector features a 60fps camera that captures your movements and can display them with incredible accuracy. The projector responds to your touches and can project drawings up to four feet away. Projector technology used to be bulky and require a semi-permanent set up to use, but this device is about the size of a small toaster and can be moved anywhere.

Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators

Beam me up, Scotty! The magic of pneumatic vacuum elevators is no longer reserved for homes with luxury residential elevators. These unique elevators can be installed almost anywhere and in any configuration for a customizable appearance. Pneumatic elevators are space-saving and can be installed in less than three days for most jobs. These devices are changing the way we use our homes by making second stories more accessible to people with movement disabilities. They’re affordable and often become a conversation piece for owners.

Smart Cargo Vehicle

Tired of wheeling your travel bags around the airport with you? The Gita smart cargo vehicle offers a better way to carry your stuff. It offers a wide range of mobility and speed and can even travel faster than most humans. The cargo vehicle also has a zero turning radius, meaning it can get out of just about any tricky situation.

Smart Locks

The point of locks is to keep unknown people out of your home, but with smart locks, you can see who is at the door even when you’re not home. These locks are designed to let in package delivery and home repair specialists even if the homeowner is away. Coupled with a few cameras and a microphone and the homeowner can even talk to the person at the door while anywhere else in the world. Most smart locks feature a re-programmable keypad that makes them great for short-term rental homes where the locking mechanism should be changed frequently.