Should You Hire a Person for Instagram Marketing or Buy a Robot?

Nowadays, marketing has a key role in the success or failure of businesses, small or huge. Paying enough attention and having the right vision about the importance of marketing, is one of the most important factors leading to a business’s success in today’s competitive world. Social Media Marketing is an effective and at the same time a low-cost solution to gain new customers. As you may know, a good marketing strategy needs time, creativity, and proficiency. We will talk about different aspects of marketing on Instagram.

Marketing on Instagram means a business should combine its contents creatively with the products, services, and events to convey its message to their desired audience. There are still businesses who do not use Instagram as a marketing platform, here are some reason why they should reconsider their decision:

1. Instagram is a storytelling platform:

People love stories. They have grown up with myths and fables and stories has become part of their ego. Telling interesting stories is a perfect way to create emotional relationship with your audience. Instagram has provided ways through which businesses can lead their focus from being mainly product-oriented to more story –oriented approaches.

2. Visual content is vital to your marketing strategy

Visual contents are one of the most interesting contents on the web and visual posts gain 650% engagement. Instagram is a perfect platform to engage your followers and see their feedback directly. You can also lead your followers through Instagram features to your blog.

Note: having a fixed color, theme and style in your posts is very effective in the making you brand more memorable.

3. Instagram marketing, you will gain a lot of audience.

As you know, Instagram with millions of active users in a month can increase the number of your potential customers. Using proper hashtags is one of the ways to attract potential customers. Our recommendation is to never forget this Instagram feature. Using hashtags, you can reach your audience based on their interests.

4. Instagram is a powerful tool in connecting with your audience and engaging with them

As a visual platform, users can engage more in this social network. Businesses would interact with their followers through direct message and comments. The intimacy created through this engagement makes it easier to change your daily viewers and audiences into valuable customers.

Knowing about the importance of Instagram marketing, now you may ask who would do this task? The answer is simple: a social media marketer. Social media marketing is, in fact, part of a digital marketer’s tasks. There are two kinds of digital marketer:

  1. 360-degree digital marketers
  2. Experts

You know for sure that digital marketing has changed to a comprehensive field and great businesses would hire a person or a team of experts for each part of their digital marketing strategy. They would focus on a series of parameters to assess the function of each marketing channel to be sure if it works properly and the results would be effective. For example, to measure the success of an SEO expert, we can use the level of increase in the organic traffic of a website or for a social media manager, criteria like share, impression, and follower should be considered.

Here our main concern is the abilities of an Instagram social media manager or marketer who is specialized in managing and also improving the performance of his or her clients’ Instagram page.

What does an Instagram marketer do?

  1. Comprehensive market survey in their clients’ related industry and field
  2. Creating extraordinary posts to find the desired audience
  3. Searching for proper hashtags to target the right kind of audience
  4. Responding to the comments, tagging other users and sending bulk direct messages
  5. Analyzing the results and improving the strategy and approaches
  6. Using Instagram Ad platforms to run marketing campaigns

What is the cost of hiring a good Instagram marketer?

Previous studies show you may need a marketer for your business from 10 to 40 hours on average in a month and it would be at least 30 to 50 dollars to hire a marketer for an hour.

As it is clear from the title of this article, we want to know if it is possible to do it with lesser costs or not. For this purpose, we will investigate Instagram automation marketing tools or simply Instagram bots at the following section.

If used properly, Instagram bots are useful assets for marketers and businesses. It would help them to reach their goals with better efficiency. However, many people still do not know what an Instagram robot is. Continue reading to know what an Instagram bot is and how it can help us in our marketing strategy.

What is an Instagram robot or automation Instagram marketing tool?

An Instagram automation tool is an application working on your behalf which engages with your desired Instagram users through your account. It would target the audience considering your needs and interests. This intimate and purposeful interaction, in response, increase the possibility of changing some of these targeted audiences to your loyal followers and yes one of the tasks of an Instagram marketer is to increase the number of followers.

What are the advantages of using Instagram marketing automation?

The greatest advantage of Instagram bots is helping your marketing team to work more efficiently. People like to interact directly with you and your business. Neil Patel has shown in one of his researches that people would attract to your business 400 percent more in these kinds of interactions.

However, interacting with your audiences is a time-consuming task. Instagram automation platforms will do this important and at the same repetitive task and let marketers save their time for more important and challenging tasks.

Other advantages of Instagram automatons:

  • They would work automatically but based on your preferences and orders.
  • You have full control over these tools and they will give you a complete report on their performance
  • They help you save your time and money

What applications you can use for Instagram automation?

There are plenty of Instagram automation apps, here we would introduce some of them:

Instamber is a service provider which helps you to automate all Instagram functions including follow, like, and comment to reach one of the first goals of Instagram marketing which is gaining new followers. Post scheduler, auto direct message, and comment manager are the other useful services of this app. Instamber robot price list is one of the best in its kind with its base service starting from 10 dollars for a month, letting you to both schedule your posts and increase your followers through auto-follow.

The other service-provider for scheduling and analyzing posts on Instagram is Later. You can easily schedule your posts for the best time when your targeted audiences are online and analyze the reports it gives you for your future activity.

Our recommendation to run a successful marketing campaign on Instagram

1. Be to the point

Be clear in introducing yourself in your Instagram Bio. People have limited time to spend in social platforms and they are not interested in reading long messages. They just want to know what you can give them and how your product or service can help them and what is the difference between you and your rivals.

2. Encourage your followers to engage

To run automation strategy successfully, you should gain new followers. So, your posts should have active and interesting voices to encourage your followers to engage with your page (great CTA).

3. Prevent being spammed or shadow-banned

If you use automation services properly, you will not get spammed. Have a proper behavior on Instagram to prevent this problem. Some improper behaviors include texts with greater letters, repetitive comments, and using a lot of emoji or links in the comments. If you want to use your brand name or slogan in your message, use them as little as possible. Also do not use word previously listed as spam.

4. Improve the list of your targeted followers

Having an extensive list of potential followers is not always effective. One of the key goals of automation tools is to attract active followers. Reconsider your standards, remove inactive followers who would not respond to your contents and prepare a quality list of followers.


Though Instagram automation tools have several advantages, some marketers still are not interested in using them. They are effective, but before using any service, you should beware of the time and resources to use them most efficiently. Having a clear framework and using them properly, you can easily speed up gaining new followers and increase the efficiency of your Instagram page.