Top 5 Health Benefits Of CBD Oils

CBD oil is known to offer a range of health benefits, and the list includes its ability to fight cancer and reduce the risk of diabetes. In this article, we will talk about top 5 health benefits of CBD oils.

Now, if you do have a question like what is CBD or where do we get it? You will get them answered here.

Cannabidiol or CBD is among the 100+ cannabinoids that are found in Cannabis and has been a subject of research to find its medical applications.

1. Relieves pain

Amongst the most common and widely-celebrated health benefit of CBD oil is its properties to relieve pain. CBD oil is supposed to interact with your immune system and receptors in the brain to significantly minimize inflammation and pain.

These results are science-backed, as CBD oil was found to substantially reduce inflammation in rats and mice during studies conducted by the Journal of Experimental Medicine. Another study conducted in 2008 would reveal that CBD oil reduced pain without leading to any side effects in patients.

2. Combats anxiety

Although CBD oil is widely known to help in the treatment of various physiological symptoms, a large body of research says that these oils are also very good in the therapy of multiple health conditions including anxiety.

The University of Sao Paulo conducted research on CBD and would find that they significantly reduced anxiety. It also led investigators to deduce that CBD oil is beneficial in reducing social anxiety disorder. These effects are mainly based on activities in both limbic and paralimbic areas of the brain.

3. Anti-seizure properties

A seizure is a condition that typically occurs due to a dramatic fluctuation of electrical activities in the brain. There have been a number of high-profile cases that raised awareness of CBD oil’s anti-seizure properties. However, science has accepted and confirmed this link.

The New England Journal of Medicine published a random double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, which explored the effects of CBD medication on young adults with Dravet syndrome.

CBD was found to reduce the seizure frequency by 38.9% among those who experienced it.

4. Minimizes the risk of diabetes

Although it is one of the least discussed health benefits of CBD oil, the researchers at Neuropharmacology explored the potential effects of CBD on non-obese female mice that were diabetes-prone.

As a result of the study, it was found that only 32% of the mice were diagnosed with diabetes, which is far lesser than 100% of the group that remained untreated.

5. Helps fight cancer

Researchers have also found that CBD might also be significantly valuable when it comes to the treatment of cancer in a number of ways. CBD, along with other compounds, typically found in Cannabis have a great antitumor effect and can significantly amplify the death of tumor cells in case of leukemia and colon cancer.

In some cases, investigations have also found that CBD could also be used to stop cancer cells from spreading in cervical cancer cells.

Here, the point to be noted is that a vast majority of CBD and cancer studies are preclinical, which means the tests have not been conducted on human or mammalian. Test subjects and the outcomes shouldn’t be construed as conclusive proof of CBD curing cancer.