Importance of Tracking your Local Keyword Ranks

Just the other day, Google updated its search algorithms. This brought about significant changes in terms of SEO. We saw a lot of losers from the past algorithm updates become winners and vice versa. These business owners experienced a few changes based on their keyword rankings.

At the moment, rankings are no longer solely based on keyword search. Search engines are now more intelligent and will display search results based on the intent of the searcher.

Despite that, keywords are still critical in ensuring higher rankings. As a business owner, it is crucial for you to be visible on search engines. This is what makes your brand an authority.

A multitude of business owners understand how important keyword rankings are but have no idea on how to track them. Here is where a rank tracker comes in. There is something about a new rank tracker that excites many SEO experts. The most important thing about tracking your keywords is that it allows you better optimization of your website while improving visibility and creating brand awareness.


There are various keyword rank tracking software but the most effective is the The best thing about this software is that it is cost-effective since you track the number of keywords you fancy and only pay for them.

You can also track as many keywords as you deem fit. If some keywords are all of a sudden irrelevant and would want to reduce the number of keywords to track, you can do that with ease.

SERPreme also allows you to first test their product by offering a 31 days free trial. After the trial time, you decide on whether you would love to pursue their services or not.

When adding keywords, you can choose to add keywords of your own liking or use suggested keywords from SERPreme. You will then receive necessary information on the number of keywords that are a perfect fit for your website. You will also be able to see where you are currently ranked and the search volume. This page could be your reference point to see how far you have come when working to improve your rankings.


There are times that your keywords will rank at the top page of search results but not at the top 3 positions. Research shows that websites with keywords that are highly raked at top 3, get an average of 70% of the total clicks.

Keyword trackers give you the opportunity to get your keywords to these positions. This, in turn, allows you to experience increased traffic which also plays a huge role in the increment of revenue.

Rank trackers will give you a summary of accurate results in regards to where your rankings stand both locally and globally.

Rank trackers also allow you to get a detailed analysis of the performance of your website in any specific area. All you have to do is select locations for the keywords you want to be checked.

Even for the most experienced SEOers, ranking keywords is critical because it will give you that extra boost you need to reach and stay at the top of your rankings.

Once in a while, you could also track your competitors, to know how well their rankings are doing. If you notice there is a gain or drop in their rankings, you could take necessary action to make sure you fully optimize your site so that you are always one step ahead of them.

In conclusion, you will notice a majority of SEO experts or otherwise, will focus solely on optimizing and not give any attention to their keyword rankings. This is a huge hindrance to them seeing the fruits of the efforts they used during optimization. It is also hard for them to be better prepared for the future as there is no record of any previous data. This is why it is super important to keep track of your keywords both locally and globally and make the necessary changes accordingly. Also remember, local and global results are displayed in a different manner and local results are the ones that are mostly used to get free traffic to your website and give users information in fewer steps.