Easy-to-Use Video Editor Apps to Make Editing Your Videos a Breeze

I have a bunch of home videos that I’ve been putting off editing for a while now. I considered going to a professional to have all of the clips edited together and all of the awkward bits – you know, when someone has their finger in front of the camera for five minutes without realizing it or when you give your kid the camera and they manage to capture the most unflattering angles of everyone in the room – but a friend of mine told me to hold off and sent me a link to the best 10 video editing apps that I could use on my phone.

Best 10 Apps for Video Making

I really wasn’t too sure about whether or not I would be able to do these edits myself, and especially not on my phone – I didn’t even think that was possible – but oh boy was I wrong. I am so grateful that my friend pointed me in this direction because not only are the apps I found so incredibly easy to use, they’ve also saved me hundreds of dollars that I would have spent getting my videos professionally edited. They even look like they’ve been done by a professional!

I’ve enjoyed my experience using these apps so much that I wanted to include a quick review for you in case you’re looking for some video making apps for yourself. My experience has been super rewarding and I know that if you give these a try, yours will be too.

Movie Maker for YouTube & Instagram – Rating: 4.5, Downloads: 5M

Movie Maker for Youtube & Instagram is really unique because it’s created a community of creative people from all over the world that you’re able to share videos with as well as discover content that will inspire your own creations. You have the ability to easily create videos using special effects like filters, music, and stickers. Plus, you can even add explosions, light rays, and 3D text effects to your videos to make them feel more dramatic and professional. There’s also a photo slideshow function that you can use for all of your favorite pictures.

Because the videos are intended for Instagram and other social media posts, they are fairly short in length and, currently, there is no option for making videos that are of a longer duration. So, if you’d prefer an app that doesn’t restrict the video length, then you may want to try one of my other two recommendations.

Pros: Special effect tools, share videos with a worldwide audience, create picture slideshows

Cons: Restricted video length

Overall: As long as you don’t mind having a short video length, you have all the tools you need to fully customize your video clips

VivaVideo – Rating: 4.6, Downloads: 100M

Viva Video contains more than 1,000 video editing effects that allow you to easily make videos that are highly professional and fun. There is an entire library of professional-grade video filters and lenses, so you’re not limited on your choices for how you put your videos together. You also have the ability to film a video in a single tap by simply selecting the theme for your video creation. From text animations and stickers to an entire library of music, you have everything you need to make your videos detailed and high-quality.

There are a lot of video editing effects and tools to choose from, so the app can feel a bit overwhelming at first, especially if you happen to be new (like I was) to the world of video editing. If this is the case, I would definitely recommend you give yourself some room for trial and error until you get used to using the app.

Pros: 1,000+ editing tools, music library, and single-tap filming (with filters)

Cons: Amount of features can be overwhelming

Overall: It may require a bit of trial and error, but you can film your videos with a single tap and then edit them using a wide assortment of features

Videoshop – Rating: 4.7, Downloads: 10M

Videoshop makes it easy, even if it’s your first time, to edit videos using a variety of simple, intuitive tools and features. You have the ability to do everything from trimming and merging video clips to adding filters, implementing special effects, and creating animated titles. There’s also a voiceover function with fun special effects too, so you can add narration to your videos if that’s something that interests you. Then, after you’re finished, you can instantly share your creations with friends at the touch of a button – it’s that quick.

While the majority of the editing tools are available for free, you will need a subscription to access some of the more advanced features. At the end of the day, it will be up to you to decide which tools are most important to you and if you’re willing to pay a little extra for those or not.

Pros: Good for first-time editors, special effects, animated titles, voiceover function for narration

Cons: Subscription required for advanced editing tools

Overall: You can add voiceovers to your videos as well as incorporate special effects, just know that some of the extra features can only be accessed via the subscription


I’m so thankful that my friend told me to give these a try before going to a professional. I’ve saved money, learned a new skill, and I actually really enjoyed the editing process as a whole. If you’ve been considering trying an app in order to get your videos made and edited, then I can’t recommend these three enough. Give them a try and see where they take you – I think you’ll really love them!