Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Social media is no longer the only means to stay connected with long lost pals, but it is being used as a potent marketing tool to promote the business’s name and expand their customer base. Businesses have the cognizance that to attract the customers they have to be where the crowd is at, and social media platforms have an escalating number of users joining it every day; be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

But in the hope to expand their business, many end up making colossal social media marketing mistakes that do more harm than good. Let us discuss some common social media marketing mistakes that business often does and end up losing a chunk of profit:


Since every social media channel works differently, they should be used individually by businesses. Businesses make the mistake of posting the same thing across all social media channels, without realizing the impact or downside of each. While selecting the social media platform, keep four factors in mind:

  • The demographics you are targeting;
  • Understanding the purpose of each social media platform;
  • Which platform would help with realizing the business goal; be it lead generations, brand loyalty, brand awareness, etc.;
  • What is the flip side of each platform and how to strategize your social media content accordingly


Businesses remain puzzled that they are posting regularly but are not seeing any result? They do not understand that that posting content needs a proper strategy, right content strategy. Every post of your should either be able to answer the burning questions amongst your target audience or enhance their online experience. Timing, frequency, target audience, content matter, all these are some aspects to look into while trying to formulate an effective content strategy.


Customers will feel valued when their comments, messages will be acknowledged individually. An assurance that the concern shall be addressed and immediately rectified will strengthen your consumer’s relationship with your brand. Don’t just acknowledge the positive comments but the negative feedback as well. Responding to negative comments will help clear the air, and your customers will feel that the brand is careful of people’s interests and response. Engaging in genuine conversation will humanize your brand and give your business a competitive advantage.

Social media marketing when done right, can help business be it small or large, stay well- connected with their audience base, generate more revenue, give your brand the opportunity to develop. Social media marketing is the best tool to network not only with customers but establish a partnership, globally. Make sure to avoid these mistake while trying to expand your business.

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