Build Your Business Applications Using Salesforce DX Like Never Before

Development is no more the same old complicated thing, but you have many exciting and creative ways of doing it. Salesforce has brought in a revolutionary change in application development. Where you are an individual developer or have a team, Salesforce DX now offers you a highly integrated, end-to-end platform, which makes the agile development of high-performance applications easier and effective.

About Salesforce DX

Salesforce DX is one of the latest products from the renowned technology brand as a part of its App cloud with which users can easily develop Salesforce apps and manage it throughout the platform in a much more efficient way.

Salesforce DX is primarily used by developers who let them have proper version control. This ensures them an upper and on over auditing, collaboration, auditing, and disaster management. This approach is also an important aspect of an agile release plan. The developers can also quickly build and deploy newer features with minimal risk.

The major advantage of Salesforce DX is that it combines many advanced features from Heroku Flow and apart from some really user-friendly enhancements of the previous versions. Salesforce DX also used the mighty migration as in, which enables retrieval and pushing of metadata to an org, which is also called as a developer environment. Going a step ahead, DX can pull all functionality into a single place. DX also delivers the application pipelines which helps to streamline perfect workflow through the Heroku Flow.

Many reviews have also pointed out another major advantage of Salesforce DX as it features a brand-new environment in the Scratch orgs. As specified at, Scratch orgs consist of the Salesforce code or its metadata which can be easily built or destroyed, which further speed up the development workflow. Some other major advantages of Salesforce DX development are:

It enables source-driven building

On Salesforce DX, you can get the best out of the collaboration of latest technologies like version control across all your assets including code, org configuration, and metadata. To enable this, you can export additional metadata and custom define the data import files. It is also easy to specify the features, edition, and options for custom configuration based on the needs of your development and production environment.

Quicker development and testing

Salesforce DX puts forth a brand new environment for development as Scratch orgs. It is a source-driven Salesforce code which is disposable and can be used to:

  • Drive development
  • Do testing, and
  • Enable continuous integration

You can instantly spin up a dedicated scratch org in order to test the code and once on validating the changes; you can leverage the integration tools to test and deploy the code instantly. As soon as your tests are cleared, you can merge the branch and build packages to deploy it to the staging sandbox and run final testing.

All these make Salesforce DX, the most developer-friendly CMS now, which is consistently improved with further updates and upgrades. Salesforce DX features tools to meet the customized needs of various industries and to handle many user-specific scenarios well.