7 Keys for High Converting Landing Page

Do you know what is a landing page? Reputable sources like Google or Unbounce offer their variants. In general, we may get something like:

Landing page – is a specially created webpage a user gets on after a click on a particular ad or after making some search. Main idea of this page is to attract user’s attention on a particular message and its further conversion into a regular buyer.

Secrets of the highest converting landing pages

Understanding of a key concept is half of the deal, but gaining maximum of it is a very big and important task.

Make headlines clear and understandable

When entering the page a visitor should during 1-2 seconds understand where he is and that this page will resolve the problem he is searching a solution for.

Work on your call to action

➔ Get rid of well-oiled phrases like “click here”, but use: “download”, “register” etc. A person should feel concrete result from clicking a button.

➔ Formulate your phrases as if your client comes to you with a request “Tell me how to get more from online ads”.

➔ Think, what you can offer for free and write about it.

➔ Make your button vivid. The brighter it is, the more lines and directions you use to attract visitors’ attention – the better.

No links are allowed

Your aim for a landing page is to offer the visitor to make a target action. Only one. All other navigation links and sort of them will only spoil the whole idea.

Less is more

Your landing page should contain a solution to the problem with prices where their mentioning is possible. The details you have should strengthen and complete your offer, otherwise they are not needed.

Show really important things

Adding anything just to have a nice picture is not the best solution. If you want to show any video or offer to download anything – take care of preview. A friendly face or photo from last event will suit if you tell about consultation or invite to the meeting, accordingly.

Think what makes your page interesting and trustworthy

If you have, you can add feedbacks, logos of the partner companies, media references and so on.

By seeing this a visitor should get an answer for him why he is still reading it and why he can trust this source. Having a good landing pages help to increase your sales and earn more money with RTB advertising platform . Most of ad network offer the best solutions for publisher and advertiser to boost revenue , for example https://polus.media/

Ask less

What do you usually feel when have to fill in too many stupid fields. The offer should be really tempting if you will cope with all the questions. Unfortunately, there are not so many users who are so calm and diligent. A lot of them will skip after seeing what is expecting them. And rightly so.

Ask for the information you will really need to tell about your offer: name and email, sometimes only telephone or email is enough.

Have you done it? It’s the time to make tests, correct, make tests and it may require several iterations until you get the results you need.

The only precaution here is don’t make all your landing pages of the same style, if they offer different thing. What works for one case may become a complete failure for another. Good luck!