Top Tips for Writing Blog Posts Geared to Generation Z

Any business leader knows the importance of attracting as many people as possible to their website–and they also know that a large part of generating leads and website visits is by having the best blog possible. One of the most important aspects of having an effective blog is by understanding who your main audience is, whether they’re moms working from home, or college students, or entrepreneurs just like yourself. But it’s also important to be aware of the different generations you’re trying to attract, and now, more than ever, one of the most important generations for any business to attract is the youngest one: Generation Z.

So whether you’re an administrative service organization offering ASO services or an online coffee products provider specializing in K cups in flavors from Chai Latte to classic espresso, you need to use the best strategies in your blog to attract Gen Zers.

1 Make your blog mobile-friendly

The fact is, as of 2017, US consumers were already spending five hours a day on their mobile devices–and considering how addicted to social media younger people such as millennials and Gen Zers are, it’s likely that they’re spending more time on their phones than even the average American. They’re the reason apps such as Snapchat and Instagram are so popular, and they’re the kind of people who’d prefer to watch Netflix on their phone or tablet instead of on a laptop. So if you want to attract Gen Zers to your blog, the first thing you need to do is make it mobile-friendly.

One of the easiest ways to make your blog accessible on phones is by using a responsive technology framework. According to the CEO of Landlord Station, it works like this: “these frameworks are basically simple ways to lay out elements in a grid and then shift that grid based on different screen sizes, so that elements on a large monitor are spaced just as well as they would be on an iPad [or smartphone].” Many website builders, such as, automatically do this.

2 Get on social media

We already know that Gen Zers spend a ton of time on social media–so if you want to draw them to your blog on the first place, you need to share each published post on these platforms constantly. In fact, according to Higher Ed Live, “More than 80 percent of college and high school students use Snapchat, making it the most-used social media network among Gen Z (and number two among millennials). And of those users, more than 70 percent say they use Snapchat more than six times per day. It’s used, and used often.”

So Snapchat is a place where you want to talk about your blog–and constantly post, too, using the stories feature, filters, and emojis the same way that Gen Zers are. That way, they’ll feel you’re directly engaging with them. In addition to Snapchat, post on other popular platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, and anytime Gen Zers reach out to you, remember to reply in a personal way. Additionally, make it easy for them to share content on their own platforms.

3 Directly engage on your blog with Gen Zers

According to Retail Dive, engaging directly with Gen Zers be incredibly effective: “42 percent of Gen Z shoppers would participate in an online game that’s part of a campaign. This past summer, challenged customers to solve clues hidden around its website for a chance to win a designer engagement ring worth $10,000. The competition, titled Race to the Rock, was so effective at driving conversions that it spawned an equally successful sequel.” When it comes to your blog, there are lots of ways you can engage your followers.

For example, you can ask Gen Zers who engage a lot with your blog to write guest blog posts or have them get some free swag in return for talking about your company on their Instagram account. You can also directly ask them, in a newsletter or a Facebook post: “What would you like to see us blog about? Is there anything you think we’re missing?” It’ll make them feel like they’re being taken seriously, which is hugely important for the “always on, on demand” generation.

By following these tips, you’ll attract a generation that’s soon going to make up one of the largest sectors of American consumers. Additionally, you’ve got the added bonus of using the newest and most exciting ways to blog–which will help not only Gen Zers but every other generation, too.

What biggest challenges do you face when it comes to blogging for the right audiences?