Top 5 tools every SEO service provider should use

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is incredibly important in this day and age. Businesses want their websites to appear higher in search engine rankings so that they can leverage the audience in a more effective manner. The ultimate result is better revenues.

Businesses tend to approach SEO providers who work on their marketing strategies. A number of tools are used for implementation of plans. With availability of countless tools, how do we choose the right one?

Here are the top 5 tools every SEO provider must use for better operations:

Google Search Console

Previously known as Google Webmaster Tools is one of the most effective of all. Once the account has been set up, the provider gets alerts if Google figures out any error with your website. It enables the user to view statistics like click through rate, keyword rankings and number of clicks per keyword. It can be connected with other tools such as Google Analytics to get access to more reporting tools and obtain better insights in website’s performance.

Rank Ranger

This is an analytical tool that helps a lot with the overall SEO process. However, it is specifically designed to track the keyword rankings which is one of the most important aspects of SEO. Organic ranking of the website can be tracked over time. It helps in identification of the trends in the ranking so that the strategy can be adjusted accordingly. It is highly desired amongst SEO providers and even small businesses.

Screaming Frog

This is another SEO tool that has gained popularity in recent times. What makes it special is the SEO Spider Tool that enables the user to carry out a technical audit of the website. All you have to do is download the tool and type in the website’s domain name. In few seconds, a detailed audit of the webpages will appear. From error status codes to meta tags, all the problems can be spotted easily. This tool allows to save a lot of time.

Moz Local

In local map rankings, one of the biggest factors that influences it is citations. It is simply mentioning of your name, address and phone number of another online website. Some of the most common citations are business directories like Bing Local, Yelp and some Facebook Business Pages.

If you want to audit your citations, then Moz Local is one of the most effective websites. You can figure out if the information is consistent over all the directories.

Raven Tools

Automated marketing reports for SEO, PPC and Social media can be created through Raven tools. The reports extract data from the most popular tracking tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Twitter and Facebook. The reports can be scheduled to be sent out on timely basis. This can help the team to save a lot of time, money and other resources. This is why it is highly desirable amongst a huge number of SEO providers.