5 Things You Should A/B Test on Your Website Right Now

A/B testing is something every company should be doing on its website. The cost of getting it wrong is heavy.

Look at the hotel industry as an example. When customers get a poor digital experience they book their rooms through partner websites instead, which take 25% of the profits.

The digital experience is everything and you have to be able to A/B test until you find the right combination. So what should you be testing?


There are more than 700 different Google fonts available on the web, but you don’t have to test each and every one of them. Look at the main ones used by the majority of websites.

Type has a massive effect on how readers view a website. Look at your competitors and industry influencers to figure out which type options may have the most positive results.

Call to Action

Your call to action is the critical part of any page. Now that you’ve led your customer to your page you need to tell them what you want from them, or they’re going to click away.

There are a few things you can test with a call to action. First of all, you should test the language you use. Some audiences will respond to orders and others just need some slight prompting.

You can also play around with the positioning of the call to action, any graphics you may have, and the color of any button you decide to use to lead your target to the next step in the process.

The Pricing of Your Product

Vendors typically offer free demos so that customers can try out what they have to offer. But there a few pricing models you can adopt.

Some vendors offer a basic version of their product without most of the features. Others may decide to offer a free trial for a few days. And some provide the simple money-back guarantee.

Customer demos are essential to selling, but you need to A/B test the way you provide that demo. The goal of any demo is to blow the customer’s mind so they make a full purchase.

Short Copy vs. Long Copy

Different audiences respond to different types of copy. It’s not always easy to predict the reaction, so you need to go out of your way to A/B test different copy lengths.

Try this on your landing page. Some customer groups may need more convincing, but others may get bored if you ramble on too long.

Contact Form Fields

One of the biggest A/B testing mistakes is that people standardize the contact form and they don’t test any further. Contact form fields make a big difference.

Try altering its positioning and the number of fields you include. With concerns over privacy, you might find that your old contact form asks for too much information, which turns potential customers away.

Last Word – Changing Your Website for the Better

A/B testing is always a tedious process, but it’s a necessary one. Minor changes to your website could make all the difference when it comes to ensuring that you’re maximizing the number of customers coming in.

You can A/B test anything, but these are five areas that can make the biggest impact.

Have you initiated your A/B testing campaign yet?