Thinglink enables picture storytelling with sound, video, & Twitter

“Every picture is worth a thousand words,” is a saying made true by Thinglink technology.

The Helsinki-based startup takes standard image tagging a step further by enabling users to tag photos with links, music, and even links to Twitter users.

Ulla-Maaria Engeström, a former blogger and designer turned entreprenuer says “Image is not illustration, it is the platform.”

It works like this: bloggers can add a small line of code on their website sand then tag any photos with music, people, or links.

When an Internet surfer clicks on the image, they get more than just the image, they get a deeper story.

Engeström described the technology as saying, “Images and sounds make a natural and powerful combination. Both online and offline, they create inspiration and context for consumption. We make decisions about what to buy, where to go and who to see, based on images. Music inspires fashion designers to create collections, and visual stories inspire those who make music.”

Image tagging is quickly becoming a popular trend to enhance engagement for brands, retailers, publishers, and the average joe. The idea takes engagement a step further by giving pictures a stronger storytelling feature.

The tool is also a good fit for in-image ads to engage customers in a new and exciting way, especially as compared to traditional banner ads.

Thinglink has captured 1 million in funding from Nordic investment company Inventure and Lifeline Ventures