The Pros and Cons of Using Cloud Storage Services for Business

Having a business means a lot of responsibility. Also, it means that you and your employees have a lot of important files and folders which contain all of the data that helps your business keep on going. Unfortunately, sometimes, data can be lost for various reasons. From hackers to natural disasters, all of these can strike when you least expect it.

This is why you should take into consideration a cloud storage service. Check out Cloud Storage Advice if you want to learn more about the purpose of using cloud storage services for business. Once you know all the ups and downs you will decide if a cloud storage service is the best option for your company. Read on to find out which are the pros and cons of using cloud storage services.

How can Cloud Storage Services Help your Business

Before telling you all the good and the bad things about these services, we should start by telling you how these services can help you or your business. Cloud storage has developed in the last years. This is why more and more companies are developing their own service. Cloud storage is a service which allows its users to store files and folders online. Users have access to them from a multitude of devices at any time.

This service is very convenient for people who have a lot of data saved on their computer or laptop and need to keep it somewhere safe. While an external drive could do that, it would be harder to extract the data from a different device. Cloud storage also offers the possibility to have multiple users on the same account. Every cloud storage service has paid plans for business which allow various users to have access to the date saved in the Cloud.


Let’s start off with the pros of cloud storage services. As mentioned earlier, these services are life-savers because they store all of your data in a safe space. One of their pros is the usability. Most of these services have desktop apps for PCs. This makes it easier for users to drag and drop their files and folders from their computer to the Cloud.

Another important pro of these services is that it makes it easier for your employees to share files and folders. Also, because all of them have access to the account, they can simply restore the file and change it any time they want to.

This service is also accessible. All of the files you or one of your employees stores can be accessed from anywhere in the world. If they have a link or the account, of course. Apart from the accessibility, these cloud services also have disaster recovery. This is a great feature for business because it prevents the loss of important data.

If you have a business you probably know that every gadget and service costs a lot of money. In comparison with other alternatives, cloud storage services are very affordable. A paid plan for business starts at about $70 per year. Of course, there are some services which offer unlimited data space and are a bit more expensive.


Unfortunately, like any other service or device, Cloud storage services have some cons. First of all, not all of them have a great security level. If you are searching for a cloud storage option for business make sure to find one with a high-level security. This service should allow you to create your own encryption key, not just a simple password and username.

The internet connection is a must when you want to access your data. This is another con of these services. While you can use an external drive and have access to your data in no time if you have the data stored in the cloud you need to have a strong internet connection. Also, some services have a bandwidth allowance. If your business surpasses it, you might have to pay additional charges. So, make sure to check it from time to time to avoid paying extra.

Another con of this services is the fact that you might need to install an app on every device you use to access your files. Some of these services can be used online while other have special apps which need to be installed on all devices. This means less space on your PC, tablet, smartphone, and other devices you and your employees use.

These are some of the most important pros and cons of cloud storage. We hope that they are going to help you make the right decision for your business. Remember that there are a lot of cloud storage solutions which offer different plans for businesses. Make sure to choose the best plan for your business and your budget.