The Best Influencer Search Tool in the Market

Ever wondered how certain celebrities are involved in various product promotions? Influencer marketing is the commonly used marketing tactic in the current promotion strategies for most products. Therefore, to get the right influencer for your marketing campaign, you need to use an influencer search tool to find genuine influencers.


What is an Influencer Search Tool?

An influencer search tool allows you to find, analyze and monitor influencers for your campaign. These are developed with the aim of getting the right influencers that are suitable for your brand niche. With that being said, a good influencer search tool should be designed with filters and categories that you can filter from and get the relevant influencer for a specific platform as much as possible.

If you are looking for YouTube Influencer search tool, then this article introduces you to the best Influencer search tool for YouTube available in the market now.

Best Influencer Search Tool in the Market 

The best influencer search too that is available is InflueNex,  a product of Wondershare Technologies. This influencer search tool uses artificial intelligence to enable you to find, analyze and monitor YouTube influencers.  It is built with different filters such as country, keywords, views, language and price range just to name a few, that will enable you to get the best YouTube Creator fit. Before we look at how to use InflueNex Influencer Search Tool to find influencers, let us go through some of its key features.

The key features of this influencer tool are:

  • Enables you to track the performance of the influencer campaign.
  • Management of influencers at one place.
  • Built with an analytics dashboard to view statistics influencers
  • Designed with a re-hire functionality that allows you to easily contact and rehire influencer.

How to Use InflueNex to Search for Influencers 

Step 1.  First, go to InflueNex platform and create an account or log in if you have an account already.  Now, using the filter tool in the dashboard input your influencer requirement details. These include; category of product, language, number of subscribers, price range, average video views, your contact email, and country if need be. 

Otherwise, you can use the search tool to search for the keywords of the product in mention. Keyword search targets specific influencer requirement with prior knowledge about.


Step 2. Search Influencer

Once you click on the search button, it will begin to search for the influencers and you will see a list of Influencers appear according to their name, channel, subscribers, number of videos published, number of views and the InflueNex Score of the influencer.


Step 3. Contact your selected influencer

After selection of best influencer, contact your influencer by clicking “send invite” and will lead to the email page or YouTube channel. Afterwards, fill the email asking the influencer to work with you. Luckily, most influencers are eager to promote goods along with their pages so they will reply soonest possible. 


Benefits of Using InflueNex 

Reaching your customers using product endorsers is the best choice of product promotion. Customers have trust for specified influencers hence trust along with the product they endorse. Promoting products using influencers is the best-recommended choice to select for best results. For the best results on social media influencer tool, InflueNex, the nexus between you and best influencers, is recommended. 

Targeted reach

In the past reaching a specific type of group was a challenge but today with a tool like InflueNex, you will be able to reach a specific audience that you choose through the influencer of your choice.


Know Influencer Growth Tendency

With InflueNex, you will be able to see the YouTube growth of your chosen influencer and know the reach that your brand is getting. Therefore, you will know if you will continue to work with the influencer or drop them.


Know the Channel Performance 

InflueNex tool enables you to see the performance of the influencer channel. You will be able to see the number of views, post likes, comments per post over a certain period. It could be daily, weekly or monthly stats.


Analysis of related channels

Another benefit of using InflueNex is that you will be able to get suggestions and recommendations for similar influencers. This is important because you will be able to select a suggested influencer that relates to your brand promise and get even a wider reach


Helps Find Real Influencer

By using Influencer as a brand, you will be able to find a real influencer with genuine subscribers and genuine viewers. Today, there is a spark of fake influencers and by using InflueNex platform you will not fall into that trap.


Having the best influencer search tool will, in the long run, be productive to your marketing team. With InflueNex influencer search tool, you will be able to search for influencer within your brand category, hire and rehire them and above all track and measure their performances.