The $8000 Elliptical Machine Office Desk set

Sometimes there are developments in technology that give you hope for the future. This is one of those developments.

Some futurists really do think that humans will one day up like the super chubbies in WALL-E.

Thanks to MedicalXpress we know that a company named Hammacher Schlemmer has created some exercise technology that could put a dent in that bleak prediction.


They’ve introduced the Elliptical Machine Office Desk, and yes, it is a hybrid of office furniture and workout equipment. And it’s pretty cool.


From the pictures you can see that obviously it’s not a stand up elliptical machine, but it is a semi-recumbent elliptical trainer with a cushioned seat.

The company says it can help the average desk employee to burn about 4000 calories in a week.

However, it is not clear how much a user would have to pedal to burn that many calories. Let’s not get caught up on numbers though because it takes away from the awesomeness of the idea.


This bad boy has adjustable height features, but in this situation it is the height of the desk that is adjusted. The desk can be used in a multitude of positions, even standing up. It has a weight limit of 300 pounds so it unfortunately it needs a little work in that department. Hopefully in the future, the development of this kind of product will lead to desks that accommodate heavier people who could benefit from them most.


The fact that it currently costs $8000 means that we won’t be seeing these at the workplace soon. But I’m excited because I think it could point to a new trend in exercise technology.


Say what you will about the obesity epidemic, I’m skeptical of the way it is presented to the public as well. You cannot deny that people who live a sedentary lifestyle are at risk for developing health problems. People who work behind desks are oftentimes the ones who end up gaining a ton of weight, not always, but often.


I think that because of the general concern over the public’s health, there has never been a better time for exercise technology companies to jump into this niche market. I feel like the demand for products like this will only grow in the future. And that is why I am hopeful that the in the future people won’t all be chunksters like in WALL-E.


This is too good of an idea for it to not grow. They will have work on lowering the prices of machines like this though.