Unfazed Intel to press ahead with MeeGo

Nokia may have launched its first and last Meego-powered smartphone, but Intel remains determined to press ahead with the development of its versatile Linux-based operating system.

According to DigiTimes, Santa Clara is preparing to launch MeeGo v1.3, which will offer improved support for a variety of devices and platforms, including netbooks, tablets, smartphones, smart TVs and car infotainment systems.

In the meantime, Intel has significantly expanded its AppUp Center with new software, while confirming over one million app downloads.

A number of industry heavyweights such Acer, Reliance Communications and Datavision have also pledged to join AppUp sometime in the near future.

Nevertheless, Intel is obviously looking to hedge its bets, as the company reportedly plans to introduce devices pairing its mobile-oriented Atom SoC with Google’s Android Ice Cream Sandwich during the first quarter of 2012.

The company will also debut a number of Microsoft Windows 8 powered devices, most likely in the third quarter of 2012.