Six Easy Steps To Trim Your Beard

Growing a beard was easy in earlier times. You just had to stop shaving. Nobody was concerned, except you. Now the things are different. Perspectives have changed over time. Now beards require more tailoring. A wild beard may be a representation of your impressive manliness but it might not help you in the dateable, employable departments. The best option is to keep your facial hair in check. Here are the easy ways to do it:


This is the first thing to do. However, you must look at the aspects of dry vs wet trimming. Nevertheless, wash your beard with a shampoo specifically made for it and then condition it properly. This will make the beard softer which will make it easier to do the next step.


Once your beard dries, take a brush and run it against the grain of your beard. This will help the hair stand up and out highlighting all the inconsistencies in hair length. This will make the trimming easier and neater.

Use clippers

Clippers must be used to trim everything at an even length. However, it is recommended to start with a bigger guard so that you accidentally do not cut everything too short. In case you are trimming mustache, use a shorter guard over your lips but your nose will act as a hindrance anything much longer.

Comb all hair

Sometimes mustache will be difficult to trim with guard on the clippers. In such case, comb all the hair down over your upper lips and use bare clippers to get rid of anything that covers the lips. If you do not have a stable and steady hand, use mustache scissors to ease the process.

Trim the neckline

Trimming the neckline is probably the most important part of whole process. The biggest mistake a man can commit is to ignore the beard neckline or trim it in a wrong manner. It completely ruins the look of it. If you stop too close to the jawbone then it will look as if you have a double chin.

The safest thing to do is trim it to approximately one-inch band just above your Adam’s apple. You can then manage to have a good beard and something of a neck. Take two fingers and place above Adam’s apple. Draw an imaginary mark from behind each ear where line will curve down creating a U shape.

Now it is important not to shave anything above the line. Simple shave below the neck like you would have shave your face.

Comb your beard

This is the last step. Just like you comb your hair after a cut, you need to comb your beard. Apply a good beard oil to make it softer and smoother. Then run a comb through it to distribute the oil and to style the beard back into place. This will also help to reveal the hair that got skipped while trimming which can be taken care with scissors.