Video: U.S. Army shows "The Punisher" in action

The U.S. Army has declassified a video showing the futuristic XM-25 – aka “The Punisher – in all its 25mm fragmentation round glory.

The next-gen Individual Airburst Weapon System is capable of firing specialized rounds that explode at precise locations in enemy territory.

However, previous videos failed to show how the weapon is shot, how the targeting system actually functions and how the 25mm detonates.

Fortunately, this video offers some fairly decent detail, giving the viewer some idea of the XM-25’s weight and how long it takes to acquire/fire.

As TG Daily previously reported, “The Punisher” – which is currently undergoing limited field testing in Afghanistan – could potentially change the battlefield status quo.

“The [weapon] makes our forces more [deadly], it makes them more effective and it keeps them safer,” explained Lt. Col. Christopher Lehner, the project manager for individual weapons at Program Executive Office Soldier.

“[Really], we’re talking about seconds to neutralize the enemy, versus minutes. Our soldiers can stay behind cover and shoot this weapon at the enemy who’s behind cover and we can take him out. But they can’t take us out because we’re behind cover and they don’t have this weapon.”

[Via DefenseTech & TG Daily