The Sector coming to Cinemax

Cinemax recently announced that it has finished developing a new sci-fi series known as “The Sector,” with production slated to kick off in the near future.

Sector was created by Scott Free Prods – Ridley and Tony Scott’s thinktank – with the talents of Aaron and Matthew Benay, and will be produced at Tendem Communications in Germany.

Ridley Scott, Tony Scott, Anne Thomopoulos, Rola Bauer, David W. Zucker and Jonas Bauer are exec producing.

The show has been described as a sci-fi action crime series. The protagonist is the commander of a new paramilitary unit tasked with the tracking down and neutralizing dangerous genetically enhanced humans, who sneak onto the Earth from outer colonies, where they are legal.

It sounds an awful lot like the plot of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?/Blade Runner, but that’s not a bad thing.

We already discovered earlier that a Blade Runner property may be in the works, even as a series. Maybe this series will gauge interest in this kind of story.

It’s unfortunate that the show is appearing on a premium cable channel however. Hopefully, they will have sense enough to market it in other ways as well, like on Hulu Plus or up on the iTunes store.

It’s one thing to put a show on HBO, where people know to expect greatness, but Cinemax is not really known for their series – except that soft-core porn series with David Duchovny in it.

They have been picking up a lot of non-porn series lately, however, so perhaps they are trying to build up that kind of reputation. Still, only time will tell if they are up to the challenge.