Tweet Viewer stalks the cyber ether

A new worm is spreading through the murky Twitter ether, tempting gullible users with the promise of identifying those pesky Tweet “stalkers.”

Yes, the aptly named “Tweet Viewer” is taking the social networking site by storm. The malicious app  self-tweets to proliferate across the site and is currently generating a frenzied 159 tweets per second.

So, if you saw a tweet like “WOW! You can see WHO VISITS your TWITTER profile. That’s cool! 🙂 –” or ” just viewed my TOP20 Profile STALKERS. I can’t believe my EX is still checking me every day,” DO NOT CLICK IT. It is a malicious application. 

Once you click the link, it will ask you to authorize the application at which point it will immediately tweet itself, spreading quickly through Twitter.

If you did let your curiosity get the best of you, go to Settings > Connections > Revoke Access to remove the application.

Twitter’s head of security Del Harvey said, “If you clicked (even though you knew the link was bogus), you gotta revoke access to the app.” has since revoked the link but that doesn’t mean the link can’t still spread in its original form.

So far, has confirmed the link received over 15,700 clicks.

(Via Tech Crunch)