Security overboard! British Royal Navy website hacked

Britain’s Royal Navy is finding itself in the middle of a sinking ship this morning as it tries to figure out who hacked its website, how they did it, and what their purpose was.

The website was taken offline after a security breach was discovered this morning. The page now greets users with a simple message about being closed for “essential maintenance.”

“The Royal Navy website has been temporarily suspended. Security teams are investigating. Access to this website did not give the hacker access to any classified information,” reads the official statement.

Indeed, it appears no malicious activity went on behind-the-scenes. The site is used primarily for recruiting and PR purposes and does not carry a lot of sensitive data in the first place.

The Associate Press noted that a Twitter user named TinKode posted a quick boasting message saying he was the one who was able to crack through the site’s security. That message was posted on Friday, though the Navy didn’t shut down access to the site until today.

It appears to be an attack with the sole purpose of just showing off, the hacker likely wanting attention for his accomplishment but with no real malice intent.

The Royal Navy did not say when it plans to re-open the site, or what it is doing to figure out how the attack was initiated.