Rubica: Why Personal Cyber Security is Vital Today

The concept of cyber security is becoming well known today. Many people are more concerned than ever about protecting themselves from online threats such as terrorism and espionage. What is cyber security and why is it so important today? What does the future of cyber security look like? What can be done to protect all of us from these online dangers? The paragraphs that follow will answer these important questions.

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security is a modern term describing a wide variety of techniques designed to protect individuals from online attacks that threaten various aspects of their well-being. Therefore, cyber security could refer to actions taken to prevent online terrorism, espionage, or warfare.

While cyber related threats can be launched on a personal level, in their most severe form, they can attack an entire infrastructure of a country or government. This serious type of threat is one reason why advanced technologies relating to cyber security are consistently sought by government officials all over the world.

Cyber Terrorism

Cyber terrorism occurs when terrorist groups gain access to information through technological sources that further their agenda and allows them to launch terrorist attacks on unsuspecting people.

Cyber Warfare

In a similar vein, cyber warfare refers to gaining access to secure information through technological sources that allow one country to stage a war against another nation. These security breaches are often performed by computer hackers who have advanced technical skills that allow them to bypass security features effectively.

Cyber Espionage

Cyber espionage refers to gaining access to private information without the consent of the owner of that information. Cyber espionage is most commonly used to gain political or military advantages over a perceived enemy.

Why is Cyber Security Important?

Why is the process of gaining improved methods of protection against cyber attacks so important in our current time? Protecting ourselves from cyber attacks is vital due to two main factors.

First of all, the sheer number of these attacks is growing exponentially in recent years. Secondly, the severity of these attacks has also increased over the last few years. Lastly, the amount of money that companies are spending in an effort to provide sufficient protection from cyber threats has increased, proving that it is a huge area of concern for many people today.

An Increase in Cyber Threats

The number of cyber attacks that are occurring today seems to go up every single year. In fact, recent statistics indicate that the cost of these types of cyber crimes ranged from $400 to $500 billion dollars between 2013 to 2015. By the year 2021, it is estimated that the cost of cyber attacks will be approximately $6 trillion.

There has also been a huge increase in cyber attacks within the medical field, potentially putting private medical information in dangerous hands. Whether referring to embezzlement, fraud, or the theft of financial information, it’s no secret that finding appropriate solutions to cyber threats is essential today.

An Increase in Cyber Threat Severity

Not only are the sheer number of cyber attacks being committed on the rise continually, but they are also getting more severe in nature. Recent statistics and information gathered from past cyber attacks prove that these attacks constantly become more destructive and targeted in a manner that allows them to inflict the most damage.

We have seen in recent years that even politicians are not safe from these types of crimes. Millions watched as Hilary Clinton’s private emails made front page news in the middle of an active political campaign. President Trump is currently working toward making improvements in the technologies available for cyber security, especially as it relates to government infrastructure.

The Future of Cyber Security

Cyber threats will continue to rear their ugly heads over the coming decades, and it appears that it will only get worse as criminals become more advanced in their own skills. Many private companies and government officials alike admit that the problem lies in part with a lack of appropriate funding for developing superior methods of protection from cyber threats. While the need is there and apparent to everyone involved, the funding to get the job done is many times lacking.

That said, more companies are deciding to put additional funding into providing better solutions into cyber security, even if it means this money is taken from another area. More people realize the significance of protecting themselves and their businesses from cyber attacks, making it a priority for them. While more work is needed in this regard, the future looks promising as we all strive to better protect ourselves from harmful internet attacks.

Digital Security through Rubica

Rubica is a privacy and personal cyber security company dedicated to providing superior forms of protection from cyber related threats. Rubica takes the serious nature of cyber crimes very seriously. However, the company also realizes the need to take the guesswork out of fighting cyber crime.

Rubica is designed in such a way that you no longer have to personally worry about standing up against cyber attacks. Rubica takes care of this for you behind the scenes, so that it’s not something you have to think about on a daily basis.

Perhaps best of all, Rubica provides a simple yet highly effective app available for download to tablets, smartphones, and other technological devices everywhere. Rubica uses the most technologically advanced operations team and internal software, effectively provide protection from the unlawful access of criminals to your personal data. You simply download the Rubica app. Their special operations and safety team will handle the rest of the work.

Rubica provides many benefits to its users. First of all, users receive analyses and information gathered in real-time. Rubica’s operations center is based in the United States, so all information gathered and utilized is done locally. Secondly, the useful and personalized information gathered by Rubica is delivered to the user in a safe and efficient format that requires no additional hardware or difficult instructions.

Simply download the app and let the professional operations team behind Rubica do the rest. When it comes to the peace of mind offered by superior protection against the threat of cyber crimes, there’s no way to put a price on the benefits offered by Rubica’s advanced technology. Rubica continues to provide an innovative, affordable, and easy solution to the problems associated with cyber threats.