Report: Stuxnet infects Iranian military systems

The enigmatic Stuxnet worm – which previously destroyed thousands of centrifuges used to enrich uranium – is currently attacking Iranian military systems.

According to DebkaFile, the ongoing digital raid is causing damage, disorder and confusion within the ranks of Iran’s armed forces.

For example, during a recent air defense exercise, Iranian security officials identified 6 foreign aircraft that had ostensibly infiltrated the country’s airspace. 

The aircraft soon dropped off the radar screen, having been “put to flight” by Iranian fighter jets.

Unsurprisingly, military sources later claimed a “misunderstanding” – insisting there had been no actual violation of Iranian airspace. 

Rather, they clarified, Iranian fighters had “simulated” an enemy raid which was then appropriately repulsed.

However, DebkaFile‘s intelligence sources dispute official claims of a “misunderstanding.”

“The foreign intruders had [indeed] shown up on the exercise’s radar screens, but when the fighter jets scrambled to intercept them, they found empty sky, meaning the radar instruments had lied,” a DebkaFile writer explained. 

“[As such], the military command decided to give up on using the exercise as a stage for unveiling new and highly sophisticated weaponry – including a homemade radar system – for fear that they too may have been infected by the [now] ubiquitous Stuxnet worm.”