Meet the guy you’ve never met

Howdy, A. Trusted Source is the name, inside stories are my game.

We’ve all heard about this guy, gets quoted all the time: A. Trusted Source said… A. Trusted Source told us… 

Well, we went looking for Mr. Source and found him in the local pub. 

Sure, he wasn’t immediately happy to see us, but given the business he’s in, selling inside stories for a glass of beer or hardy claret, he soon warmed up.

We asked him if there was any secret to his success and did he enjoy a comfortable living from his work. 

No, and no was his answer. 

“I make no money from it,” he said. “And I am not very popular, which why I must keep my identity a secret, I have been accused of ruining companies, careers, and product launches.”

But, we asked, isn’t that because most of what you report isn’t true?

“Paw,” he said dismissively, “truth is highly over rated, and seldom known anyway. I give people, most people, what they want. I give them the smoke and let them find the fire.”

Well, I know lots of web sites and newspapers that have used your stuff, and you seem to get lots of repeat business, so I guess it must be working out for you.

“Yes, yes, it’s marvelous, ah, would you buy me another glass of wine?”

Jon Peddie, Jon Peddie Research