Raytheon militarizes cloud computing with Green Thunder

Raytheon has developed a cloud-based intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) platform to facilitate the rapid collection and dissemination of real-time data.

The system – dubbed Green Thunder – offers full ISR capabilities via a Distributed Common Ground system (DCGS) enterprise. 

“GT provides imagery and streaming video exploitation; human intelligence analysis; situational awareness; and reach-back from the brigade combat teams and below to feed intelligence to an entire DCGS Integration Backbone federation,” explained Raytheon VP Galen Jackman.

“Using Raytheon’s Advanced Tactical System phones and Tactical Handoff, Green Thunder closes the last tactical mile with forward-deployed edge users. Battlefield ready, it operates in low-bandwidth environments and delivers current information to operational units during missions.”

According to Jackman, Green Thunder is targeted at brigade combat teams and below, but remains scalable for higher echelons and missions.

“[It] provides a significantly better collection and dissemination capability in a smaller footprint than the Army’s current capabilities.

“[Clearly], threats from insurgents are changing faster than acquisition systems can adapt. Green Thunder mitigates the risk [because it] can be easily integrated into the current architecture [and] is ready to go to Afghanistan today.”