World’s smallest full HD display hits 1,920 × 1,080

OrtusTech is touting the “world’s smallest” full HD display. Measuring a sweet 4.8 inches, the panel boasts an impressive resolution of 1,920 × 1,080.

As Dhiram of New Launches explains, the high-end rez was designed using the company’s advanced HAST (Hyper Amorphous Silicon TFT) microfabrication technology.

“To achieve the high resolution in such a small size, [OrtusTech] managed to squeeze in 458 pixel per inch.

“[And remember], the iPhone 4’s infamous Retina display [only] packs [a total of] 326 pixels [in comparison].”

The display also sports a viewing angle of 160 degrees, while supporting 16 million colors.

Possible future applications for the small, yet powerful panel includes HDTV equipment, screens, monitors, smartphones and handheld video consoles.