National newspaper hacked by the ticked off

Angry eastern europeans have taken over the pages of one of England’s largest newspapers.

Romanian hackers, apparently angry at references to “Romanian gypsies” have defaced the pages of England’s Daily Telegraph. That’s a bit like sitting on the face of conservative icon Sarah Palin, and breaking wind. Yes, that serious.

According to the Sunbelt Blog, the first site to capture the story:

“Vulnerabilities were found back in March 09 involving database access, and it seems a hacking group has gone in and defaced two subdomains.

These are the two subdomains in question:



Additionally, HackersBlog had pointed in May some of the problems with the Telegraph’s site, and its vulnerabilities:

“It seems that some companies dont learn from their mistakes and continue to jeopardise the informations they have on their users.

We again talk about and this time it seems it is possible to upload a shell which gives full access on their server. This is facilitated by an SQLi vulnerability. We cannot overlook the fact that even to this date, user passwords are in plain view, regardless of the fact that all experts in IT security recommend that ANY passwords should have a minimum encription.”

We can’t come up with a suitable conservative icon metaphor for this one, but are willing to try: It’s a bit like Rush Limbaugh walking around a gold course in a pink muumuu sucking on a pacifier.

Don’t blame us, we got all this from the UK’s liberal Guardian newspaper. They’re feeling the schadenfreude over there, you betcha! Just to show we are fair and balanced: It’s a bit like Nancy Pelosi getting high on magic mushrooms and dancing the Lambada nekkid.