McAfee to reimburse users hit by update glitch

McAfee has said it plans to reimburse users for any costs they incurred to fix their computers after a glitchy security update crashed tens of thousands of machines across the country.

About a week ago, McAfee, one of the biggest names in computer security, faced one of the biggest blunders when it released a buggy update that locked out tens of thousands of computers.

The problem afflicted users who were running Windows XP and had McAfee’s security suite installed. The update accidentally deleted the critical file svchost.eve from the machine, creating all sorts of problems that had to be fixed through a complex manual process.

Countless users had to turn to professional help to fix the problem that was caused, ironically, by a software package designed specifically to prevent such expenses. Because of this McAfee wants to reimburse everyone affected.

“For impacted home or home office customers who have incurred costs to repair PCs as a result of the security update issue, McAfee will reimburse reasonable expenses, such as a visit to a local tech support specialist,” wrote McAfee on its Web site.

The company will offer more details about this program “within a few days.”

Additionally, all affected users will receive 2 additional years added to their subscription for free.