Lockheed Martin eyes automated rifle-scope

Lockheed Martin is developing a rifle-scope attachment that will allow soldiers to accurately view targets at varying distances without changing scopes or decreasing optical resolution.

According to Lockheed spokesperson Dan Schultz, the Dynamic Image Gunsight Optic – or DInGO system – significantly enhances soldiers’ ability to accurately hit targets at a range of between three and 600 meters.

“Current scopes are optimized for a single target range, impacting soldiers’ effectiveness and survivability when engaging targets at different distances during a single mission,” said Schultz.

“[But] DInGO will solve this problem, significantly increasing soldiers’ ability to rapidly reconfigure optics for use from short to long ranges and improving marksmanship capabilities for all soldiers.”

He explained that DInGO operated by automatically calculating optimal range via a low power laser rangefinder.

“[It] digitally zooms in…and accounts for environmental conditions such as wind using sensors built into the scope. It then projects the bullet’s point-of-impact calculated from the embedded ballistics computer.”  

DInGO is based on Lockheed’s One Shot Advanced Sighting System, which utilizes similar precision engagement technology to automatically transmit crosswind information to a long-range sniper’s scope and modify the crosshairs to display exactly where the bullet will strike.

DInGO is expected to be mounted on both M-4 and M-16 automatic rifles.