Sony designs "rollable" mini-OLED display

Sony has designed a “rollable” OTFT-driven OLED display that is small enough to be wrapped around a pencil.

To create the display, Sony developed OTFTs (organic field-effect transistors) using original semiconductor material capable of delivering eight times the current modulation of conventional OTFTs.

“This was achieved due to the development of integration technologies of OTFTs and OLEDs on an ultra-thin 20 μm thick flexible substrate and soft organic insulators for all the insulators in the integration circuit,” the company explained in an official statement.

“By combining these technologies, [we] successfully demonstrated the world’s first OLED panel which is capable of reproducing moving images while being repeatedly rolled-up – around a cylinder with a radius of 4 mm – and stretched.”

Additional specifications include:

  • Panel size    – 4.1 inch wide
  • Number of pixels – 432 x 240 x RGB pixels
  • Pixel size – 210μm x 210μm
  • Resolution – 121 ppi (pixels per inch)
  • Number of colors – 16,777,216
  • Peak luminance – >100 cd/m2
  • Contrast ratio – >1000:1
  • Minimum bending radius – 4 mm
  • Driving scheme – 2T-1C voltage programming with OTFTs
  • Panel thickness – 80μm