Iphone "is a security threat" – maybe

Companies don’t appreciate the security risks that iPhones pose, according to a self interested survey from yes, you’ve guessed it, a security firm.

DeviceLock said that it has introduced endpoint security support for iPhones and timed the survey with its launch.

The survey, conducted by Vanson Bourne, shows that 65 percent of IT decision makers knew that unauthorised users could access company data using the iPhone, while almost the same percentage said they hadn’t taken steps to secure company data.

Worse than that, 40 percent of businesses let staff download data onto removable devices without providing any security at all.

Sacha Chavrin said: “The consumerization of corporate IT is an increasing problem for IT departments The amount of removable and mobile memory enabled devices that employees have on their person…is now quite considerable.”

So, he continued, DeviceLock 6.4.1 in beta is for companies who recognize there is a danger,  and want to protect themselves. This version contains granular access control, auditing and shadowing for the local synchronization of iPhone devices.