FBI drops by for a chat over Anon links

FBI agents recently raided the Iowa home of a 29-year-old woman over her alleged links to Anonymous and Lulz Security.

Although Laurelai Bailey wasn’t arrested, the FBI questioned her for over five hours about various hack and extract campaigns, including the infamous pwnage of HBGary by Anonymous.

However, Bailey insisted the FBI already knew everything she did and claimed the Bureau asked her to infiltrate LulzSec.

“They wanted to know if I could get close to them,” Bailey told Gawker. “I told them these people hate me… it wouldn’t do any good.”

Bailey said the hackers “held a grudge” against her for leaking logs from a closed Anonymous chat room in which the HBGary hack was planned. 

Nevertheless, the agents continued to question Bailey about “Kayla,” who has been linked to both Anonymous and LulzSec. (Note: the latter  officially disbanded just a week ago).  

But Bailey emphasized that she was never really a member of either group. Rather, Bailey claimed, she became close to Anonymous via her involvement with CrowdLeaks, a WikiLeaks related news site. 

Unsurprisingly, the FBI concluded its “interview” with the 29-year-old by seizing two hard drives, a camera and other electronic equipment.