Epic fail! TSA agents steal $160,000 from passengers

Two TSA agents were arrested today at Kennedy Airport in NYC for stealing at least $160,000 in cash from checked passenger bags. Are we shocked and awed by this rather epic fail? No, unfortunately, we aren’t. 

According to the New York Post, Davon Webb and Couman Perad told authorities they had “regularly” stolen from the luggage of hapless passengers.

Unfortunately, Port Authority police only managed to recover $39,000 of the total sum, which was stashed in each of their respective residences.

So, how did the devious duo pull off their nefarious scheme?

Well, Perad and Webb would routinely screen bags for “loot,” then lift the cash once the luggage was opened in a private screening room.

As expected, the TSA responded to the incident by insisting that it maintained a “zero-tolerance policy on theft in the workplace” and referred to the incident as “a disgrace.”

Perhaps not unsurprisingly, the TSA also admitted that a “string of [5] security lapses” occurred at Newark Airport over the last month – including a knife hidden inside a carry-on that made it past a checkpoint.

Janet Napolitano – aka “Big Sis” – what do you have to say about this?

(Via New York Post