DTV Shredder goes to war

The DTV Shredder ain’t no candy ass Segway. No, this tricked-out, bad ass military vehicle is hella ready for war.

Manufactured by BPG Werks, the dual tracked Shredder was designed as a first response modular platform to help soldiers adapt and react to crisis situations – whether in CONUS or abroad.

Billed as a new class of vehicle, the DTV is capable of handling any terrain at high speed, with a low-center of gravity and rugged design making it ideal for a number of military missions, including:

  • Reconnaissance.
  • Rescue/recovery.
  • Mobile surveillance.
  • Offensive platform.
  • Med-evac.
  • Rapid response.

Yes, the DTV is clearly customizable and can be appropriately rigged depending on the required activity and application.

Additional specs include:

  • Weight – 125lbs.
  • Height – 14 inches.
  • Engine – Honda, 4-stroke 200cc, 15hp.
  • Suspension – 3 in. (travel).
  • Torque – 16 ft/lbs.
  • Payload cap – 1200 lbs manned, 700 lbs unmanned.
  • Top speed – Over 30 mph.
  • Turning radius – 4 feet
  • Slope – 40 degrees.
  • Remote operation – Affirmative.