Yes, Windows Phone 7 is doomed

Windows Phone 7 may not fail as utterly as the hipster-oriented Kin. But the overhyped smartphone platform is doomed nonetheless.

Indeed, according to Gartner, Microsoft will only manage to offload 21,308.8 Windows Phone-based devices by 2011. 

And the numbers don’t improve all that much in 2014, with (obviously confused) consumers expected to snap up a grand total of, yes, wait for it – 34,490.2. 

Now, let us compare those rather depressing (but undoubtedly accurate) statistics to projections calculated for Symbian and Android smartphones.

By 2011, there will be 141,278.6 Symbian-powered devices in circulation, with the number expected to increase to a staggering 264,351.8 in 2014.

Similarly, Android is expected to jump from 91,937.7 in 2011 to quite an impressive 259,306.4 in 2014.

So, where does this leave Microsoft and its much ballyhooed mobile version of traditional Windows bloat?

Well, it seems as if the moribund platform will be relegated to a sad sixth place – behind Symbian, Android, RIM, Apple iOS (poor Steve Jobs) and the nascent MeeGo. 

Of course, Gartner’s projections could be wrong. Personally, however, I believe they are quite generous towards Microsoft.

Because I’m not sure if there is anyone I know who would seriously consider purchasing a Windows-powered phone.

Seriously, folks, how many people do you see running around proudly flashing their Zunes? 

Um, yeah.

 Probably not that many, right? 

I rest my case.