DC police frightened by snowballs

A Washington, DC police officer has been placed on desk duty after allegedly pulling a gun during a mass snowball fight. ??According to the Associated Press, DC Mayor Adrian Fenty confirmed that the police department’s internal affairs bureau has already begun investigating eye witness accounts and video footage of the controversial incident.

However, DC police conceded the initial images and statements appeared to support claims that the off-duty daft cop pulled a weapon after his personal vehicle was struck by a snowball. 

Indeed, a video posted on YouTube shows the accused waving and pointing a gun as he approaches the crowd. Meanwhile, another video in circulation appears to show the officer telling people he is a detective and explaining that the weapon was pulled because he had been hit by multiple snowballs.

So, did the off-duty cop overreact? Or was his reaction justified? ??Personally, I believe that pulling a weapon during an innocent snowball fight may have been a tad inappropriate.

However, I am also cognizant of the fact that law enforcement personnel are forced to grapple with stressful and dangerous situations on a daily basis. ??

We are, after all, only human. ?

?What do you think?