Apple iTunes plagued by nefarious scammers

Cyber criminals are exploiting an alleged iTunes security breach to steal thousands of dollars from unsuspecting victims.

A report on AppleInsider confirms that a number of users have reported false charges which were made to iTunes accounts via PayPal.


For its part, PayPal has acknowledged the fraudulent charges and is currently reimbursing customers. 

However, the company continues to insist that the security breach is “happening on the iTunes side.”

Meanwhile, Apple told the San Jose Mercury News that it is “aware” of the problem and diligently working on a fix.

“Among other new security measures iTunes now requires more frequent re-entry of a customer’s credit card security code,” said the spokesperson.

“But if your credit card or iTunes password is stolen and used on iTunes, we recommend that you contact your financial institution and inquire about canceling the card and issuing a charge-back for any unauthorized transactions. We also recommend that you change your iTunes account password immediately.”