Anonymous unimpressed with Sony-Geohot settlement

Famed Playstation 3 hacker Geohot may have settled his outstanding legal issues with Sony, but cyber activists associated with Anonymous remain unimpressed with the deal.  

Nevertheless, the group recently decided to halt all DDoS attacks against the Japanese-based corporation, as the impact of such an operation has apparently “surpassed” its peak.

“In the eyes of the law, this case is over. We disagree. We believe Sony’s actions in this case are unjust. We do not agree with Sony forcing social media sites like Youtube to hand over the IP addresses of people who viewed GeoHots videos. We view this as a severe violation of privacy rights,” Anonymous explained in a communiqué.

“We disagree with Sony forcefully gathering personal information from other companies like PayPal. We find it unacceptable that Sony is even permitted to request this information in the first place. These acts are completely disrespectful and unforgivable.”

According to Anonymous, Sony’s actions have “far-reaching” implications for every individual who has purchased a piece of equipment – regardless of the manufacturer.

“The current solution will only embolden other greedy corporations to employ similar unfair tactics, so it is necessary to continue our protest to make our voices heard.

“Where the judicial system has failed, Anonymous will persevere, by standing up for the rights of everyone, not just those who dared to challenge these corporations. Geohots’ belief was in the freedom of information dissemination. We will stand with him.”

As such, Anonymous has designated April 16th as a day to protest against Sony “in the streets.”

“We encourage anyone who is able to come to a nearby Sony Store to support the cause, even if you are not usually involved with Anonymous. This is not just about Anonymous – this is about your rights.


“If you wish to attend, be sure to check on your local laws and regulations regarding hiding your face during protests and, if allowed, cover your face, whether it is the usual Guy Fawkes masks or some other form of facial covering. Let us show Sony that all information is free and that we own the things we buy, now and forever. “