Anonymous says it pwned Vanguard Defense

Anonymous hackers associated with the AntiSec movement have reportedly pwned Vanguard Defense Industries (VDI) by extracting nearly 4,713 emails and thousands of documents.

The Texas-based corporation is perhaps best known for its unmanned ShadowHawk helicopter which boasts CCD TV/FLIR optics and can be outfitted with a 37 mm/40mm grenade launcher, 12g shotgun and thermal cameras.

“Any private corporation supporting US military or law enforcement operations are legitimate targets in our eyes,” an AntiSec cyber activist told the TechHerald.

“InfraGard and the FBI are especially our enemies.”

According to AntiSec, Vanguard was targeted due to its relationship with several local law enforcement agencies, as well as its links with the FBI, DHS and U.S. Marshals. 

Breaching the WordPress-powered Vanguard website didn’t seem to be much of a challenge for the Anonymous hackers, as VDI apparently neglected to upgrade two outdated plugins.

In addition, a primary password (Gloria88) belonging to VDI senior VP Richard Garcia was obviously rather weak and easily pwned.

All emails harvested from Garcia’s account are slated to be released over the weekend, along with a searchable index.

“Our word of the day is: #Boatloads – #Anonymous and #AntiSec preparing a new release. Someone: Get ready to be embarrassed,” a group rep tweeted on Tuesday.