5 Amazing ways to make your passwords more secure

We are always faced with worries about our online safety when accessing the internet. It’s a good thing that, presently, browsers are designed in such a way that restricts us from opening unsecured websites. On the other hand, we are always looking for ways on how to protect our passwords and not let our personal information get shared with others.

If you are the one who is worried about his or her password, then this post is beneficial for you. We are going to share the amazing ways which will let you make your passwords more secure. So, let’s have a look at the information below.

Choose two-factor authentication

These days, the two-factor authentication method is very much successful as it leads a person in saving their passwords using two mediums. This method is very common when you access your email IDs. Here you will receive a code that you can use to access the account. The codes are shared over your registered mobile number and no one else can check out that code. 

This technique is beneficial in order to protect your personal information from hackers and scammers.

Choose Duress Mode

Most of us are not aware of this method of protecting passwords, but this is one of the most-trending mediums to protect passwords. And even this technique is also used by Passwarden by KeepSolid for users to protect their passwords. It is the mode that is important in hiding passwords from someone who is watching your screen.

This mode is very much beneficial for those who are working in an office and need to protect their passwords from their co-workers.

Use a Security Dashboard

Security Dashboard enlightens you regarding information breaks and other security issues with things. It includes a few classifications of issues, including frail and reused passwords, security breaks on destinations with your records, your things arriving at their lapse date.

So, when you need to get more guidance related to your security, then this technique will be very much beneficial for you. It will give you notifications about weak passwords and even about the used passwords so that you can make your password accordingly.

Use a website where you can store all your passwords

From the internet, you can find millions of highly-secured websites where you can store your passwords. Such websites are very much saving your passwords. All your delicate information is safely locked behind this secret phrase. This secret phrase assumes a critical part in information encryption and decoding processes. Besides this, websites also cannot access your passwords.

Use bulletproof authentication

Security is the biggest concern of today’s people and it is the best method to make passwords more secure. With regards to delicate information like your passwords, security is a key. These conventions render your data and passwords disjointed to any outsiders, be it programmers or even KeepSolid representatives.

The information available on this is stored in an encrypted way which does not let anyone check out all the information.


We hope that you find these tips beneficial for you in protecting your passwords. So, make your information safe to use over the internet with discussed tips and tricks. You can also have expert advice in order to save your passwords from someone else.