Safe365 Launches Free Mobile App for Seniors and Relatives

Safe365 is the first free mobile telecare app for elders that is designed for family members of seniors to have a sense of comfort while they are alone. Oftentimes seniors are unaccompanied and left helpless in certain situations that require assistance. Or sometimes if confused, they may wander off which could be a huge concern for family members who can’t always be physically present to make sure their senior loved ones are safe. With Safe365, users can stay connected to family members throughout the day and have peace of mind knowing they can check up on them and they are not left vulnerable in delicate situations. Safe365 includes features such as GPS map locator, emergency button, automatic notifications, option to warn if battery is running low or if there is internet access available, detects habits of family members and will alert when there is something out of the ordinary.

Senior Population is Growing and so are Health Conditions

According to the U.S Department of Commerce Economics and Statistics Administration – “National Population Projections, 2017”, the elder population is going to continue to grow year after year. It is expected that a tremendous number of seniors will contribute to the population by the year 2060. 2030 is expected to be the turning point marking an important demographic milestone when elders are projected to outnumber children. According to Pharmacy Times, “The Aging Population: The Increasing Effects on Health Care”, there will be over 60% of the baby boomer generation with more than 1 chronic condition along with disability. Some of these elders will live alone or be left alone throughout the day, leading family members to feel guilty or concerned about leaving their senior loved ones alone. Safe365 solves this problem through all aspects, whether it be through meeting the emotional or safety needs for both seniors and their relatives.

Social Media Features for An Emotional Connection

Seniors who are alone throughout the day may also experience extreme loneliness or feel disconnected to the world. This is concerning family members who can’t be with their senior loved ones all the time. Safe365 helps solve this problem. What makes Safe365 so unique is that, aside from the safety awareness features, the app also offers an “e-motional” aspect that allows seniors to connect with relatives like any other social media app. These features include photo, mood sharing, and infinite scrolling feed with latest family activities. Users are delighted in being able to join in on the conversation with family and friends, increasing their sense of connectedness and purpose.


The Safe365 mobile app includes the following features:

  • GPS locator and tracker: Instantly see the location of your family members after downloading the mobile app and agree to share locations with family members.
  • Notifications whenever a relative enters or leaves a location: This feature allows you to save up to 9 usual locations and will instantly notify you regarding their whereabouts with these locations.
  • Send reminders whenever a family members mobile battery is about to run out: To be sure the app is always useful in every situation you can remind your loved ones to charge their mobile device. This feature can be enabled and disabled at any time.
  • Emergency/ Panic Button: Whenever your elder relative presses this button, you are put in contact with emergency services, sending an exact location to them if it is used in Spain or Andorra. In other countries this button will send an emergency alert to family members, so they know a relative is in need of help.
  • Mood Sharing: With mood sharing, this allows you to send how you are feeling to your relatives. If you are feeling happy, sad, excited, etc. by sharing moods this lets a family member know if a relative is need of emotional support.
  • Photo: Sharing photos allows relatives to connect on a personal and emotional level. This social media like feature helps with the feeling of loneliness and keeps families connected throughout the day.

Safe365 Caters to Other Audiences

While Safe365 was created to meet the needs of the elderly and their family members, the app can also be used for different types of audiences as well. Parents who are away at work or busy throughout the day and want to keep track of their children can do so as well. Safe365 is an easy to use app for any relative wanting to keep track of their loved ones but don’t necessarily have the time to due to busy schedules, distance, etc.