Proxy Vs. VPN: What Is Your Choice?

With increasing technology, the dangers connected to technology are also increasing. That is why sensitive information such as your IP address has to be protected from evil doers. Making use of precautionary measures such as Proxy and VPN has become a part of all internet users. Users are in conflict between choosing Proxy Vs VPN, while choosing the best security measure for anonymity of IP address. Both the proxy and the VPN connect the user to a remote computer, but they are different in many ways.

Most dangers that are faced today connected with the internet are encryption of data, snooping, digital privacy leaks, data leakage, etc., which can be corrected through data-center servers such as VPN services and Proxy services. The user has to make his choice between VPN Vs Proxy, according to his need and according to his requirement. The cost factor involved is also an important issue when making his choice.

What Is Proxy?

The proxy is similar to a gateway to all the software that you use. Your IP address gets protected through anonymity and the traffic will be blocked from reaching you directly. The most important and commonly used protocols on the proxy server are SOCKS and HTTP.

HTTP proxy is used to control web-based traffic, which only can use it on the browser. SOCKS is an extension of the HTTP proxy and can pass any traffic it gets such as a web server, BitTorrent client or FTP server. It serves as an intermediary device to get web content through redirection of traffic. All information has to pass through the proxy server before it can research the web server. Socks5 Proxy is another type of Proxy, that provides SSL encryption to support proxies on any app. It is easy to setup within the torrent client. It provides protection to one application. They provide stable performance on any network.

The proxy server is the middleman both for data that is outbound and inbound. Employers can block access to YouTube to all its employees. But the proxy servers can be used to circumvent such network restrictions. Geo-restricted content can also be unlocked through proxy servers. For all simple browsing requirements, proxy services are the best, as they provide anonymity and hide the user location.

What Is VPN?

The Virtual Private Network or VPN helps to secure all internet associated details through the tunnelling service that is encrypted. You may be located anywhere in the world but with VPN service, all your torrent downloads and all activities related to the internet such as web browser and email are protected. All third-party applications that are related with the internet are also protected. Apart from protection and anonymity, you also get fast connection and encryption that is military graded, especially when using services such as TorGuard. It requires just a click of the mouse to connect or disconnect to the VPN. The VPN helps to protect all details connected to your internet, which includes your email, web browsing, utorrent and everything else related to the internet. A virtual network is established to route all DNS and traffic through servers from providers.

For example, with VPN services such as TorGuard, you can work with a fast speed on any network by using the OpenVPN. The setup is simple as you can connect with just a click of the mouse. It provides 100% stability and OpenVPN reliability. All data are secure and encrypted on all encryptions that provide Military Grade Encryptions on all devices.

VPN Vs Proxy

There are a few factors that help in differentiating between VPN Vs Proxy. Their functions and their performance are given and the user has to choose between the two services to determine his choice.

· Proxies are most efficient for ordinary tasks such as bypass of content filter, bypass of IP-based restrictions, YouTube videos that have region-restrictions, etc. Virtual Private Networks are set at the operating system level and can capture the entire connections on the network.

· They are perfect for proxy connection to single application, but cannot be used for redirecting the entire internet connection. VPN helps t capture the traffic of the entire range of applications on the computer. The web browser, Windows Updates and online games traffic are also captured.

· Proxy services do not involve bandwidth cost and other extra costs. VPN servers will have to look into the bandwidth and processing power as they are taken into account while considering the cost factor.

· Proxies are not efficient to perform specialized tasks. They only provide anonymity of IP address, but do not provide encryption of traffic. There are malicious people who can sniff out details about you, through JavaScript and Flash and can know the details about your traffic and about your true identity. VPN helps in total encryption through the tunnel between the remote network and the user’s computer.

· Making use of proxy services does not include much in terms of cost factor and as they are used for single application, they do not require much in terms of hardware or computing power. VPN requires good hardware and computing power. The cost factor involved for getting VPN services is very much higher.

In all, it can be said that while considering between VPN Vs Proxies, you can choose the services according to your requirements.

The proxy services are useful when you need to perform small stake tasks such as looking at sports matches held in other countries. VPN services are required for high stake tasks such as protecting your data from snoopers.

Big businesses which require digital privacy and face dangers such as leakage of data can go in for VPN services as they help in increased security on internet connections. Small users who need anonymity and prevention of IP address being revealed can make use of best proxy services. The security requirement according to the need of the user is the determining factor. VPN services provide better security with higher costs while Proxy services provide basic security and involve lower costs.