5 Tips to Build a Social Media App

No phenomenon in today’s virtual world is greater, faster and more popular than social media. Tapping into this brilliant platform for a business venture can prove to be a lucrative idea if executed correctly. At the same time, it can seem quite daunting to step into such a competitive market with so many dominant players.

The good news is, regardless of tough competition, there is always room in the frenzied social media world to accommodate, new, thriving and unique ideas. So if you have decided to make a social media app, here is a brief guide to get you started:

Localize Your App

Once you have decided to go through with your brilliant idea to make a social media app, it is incumbent that you first specify the social group you are targeting. This would help develop the design and interface of the app accordingly. Also, always make sure that time and date of the app is set to an international standard, so as to cater to your specified group from all regions across the globe through the default settings of their smart phones and computers.

Help Personalize and Connect

When you make a social media app, allow users to make personal accounts. This feature helps them share, identify and own their use of the app personally. Facilitating easy connection is another important factor. After all, social media is about social virtual connections. Integrate features that allow your users to make friends and followers. Wish to further catapult your reach? Link your app with social media giants; twitter, instagram, facebook and see the number of your app users increase exponentially.

Build Interaction

Facebook wouldn’t be the same without the infamous comment section wars or the popular like button. Many of us wouldn’t bother sharing half of the content we share if we know that it wouldn’t be liked by anyone. So allow for an interaction between a user’s content and other users when you make a social media app, as this will engage the users in using your app. Bring on the Graphics It is especially useful for users when an app has attractive graphics. Too much content dampens the appeal of an app, so go for giving cues to the users via attractive graphics. When you make a social media app, investing in a professional designer team is worth all the money, as app design and layout can make or mar your success. Furthermore, you can also add voice support to further facilitate users in using your app.

Adapt Your App to Use less Data

We may all find it hard to imagine a life without internet, but not all of us are blessed with super fast data connections. If an app utilizes heavy data usage chances are you might lose half of your user following within a short time period. So modify your app to use less data which can facilitate users with slow data connections to work with the app more easily.

Make Stuff Searchable

Searches are integral for users to find other users, required content on topics, or interests. Picture social media giants and how they incorporate searches to make users experience more facilitated, by specifying content with particular topics, pages with specified niche, etc. Incorporating specific keywords in search options can help users build their networks and get what they want when using your app. This can also be coupled with building a customized newsfeed as per customer’s preferences.

After all, it is all about adopting strategies when you make a social media app to keep the user glued to your app.