Preventing Access from Competitors Using Proxy: How it Plays out in 2021

Online marketing is as cruel today as ever. You have no right to make a mistake. Otherwise, your cherished website will bring neither new audience and clients nor any income. Obviously, you want anyone to be able to access your website in order to engage as many people as possible, but there is a pitfall in this.

If anyone can access your site, your competitors also can. “So what?”, you may think, and this is the biggest mistake. Keep reading to find out what the menace is.

What if Rivals Have Access to my Website?

Your competitors can review your website as real users if they use proxies. They can analyze everything, monitor prices, verify application promotions, billing campaigns, and scrape other significant data.

To be more precise, with the help of proxies, your competitors will be able to examine any website down to every detail.

  • They can check the traffic to your website in one click.
  • They can receive comprehensive information about your keywords.
  • They can analyze the most profitable advertisements.
  • They can evaluate your backlink profiles.
  • They can review pages and subdomains that are targeted in your campaigns.

You definitely do not want to share all this data with your business rivals if you want to stay afloat.

Access Prevention with the Help of Proxy: Providers

Unblocking websites is not the only advantage of rotating residential proxies. You can also set blocks with their help. It became possible to block not only separate accounts but the IP addresses themselves.

Get acquainted with the list of proxy providers that will help you to keep your competitors away from your website.


This proxy mastodon offers 99,99% of uptime and a 3-day money-back guarantee. It has more than 195 locations for geo-targeting. Since this company is very large and famous, it can allow itself to set quite high prices.


Oxylabs owns more than 100 million IP addresses around the globe. Your business will receive a high protection level with this provider. The prices are not very low, however.


This proxy accommodation boasts more than 60 million IPs around the globe. OnlineSIM claims 99.5% of uptime without ban. It is possible to target up to the city. Your brand will be secured from the omnipresent eyes of your detractors.

You can try this service for free before paying for it if you want to check the quality of its work first. OnlineSIM’s prices are quite loyal. You can choose unlimited traffic or paying for gigabytes.

Written by Rida Sheppard