One Simple Way To Step Up A Guest Posting Campaign

Guest posts, or guest articles, are extremely valuable for inbound marketing. Guest posting plays a vital role in any modern content marketing strategy. Natural backlinks, from reputable websites within an industry, are the most important factor when it comes to ranking highly on search engines.

Guest posting is a cumbersome process, and most marketers give up because it’s just too time-consuming. But we have a super easy tool to use. This could be the secret sauce. Keep reading!

Guest posting has been proven to generate massive ROI that continues well after the post goes live. It builds credibility for a brand, drives quality referral traffic to the website and more importantly, it creates valuable backlinks that boost their SEO efforts.

Guest posting is a great way to set a company as an opinion leader in your industry. It also helps create social proof which ads to brand credibility.

Guest posting has evolved over the years, and there are some unwritten rules that need to followed.

Let’s look at these rules and fundamentals, and how a business can stay on the white-hat side of guest posting.

Guest post on quality, industry-specific blogs.

Backlinks are one of the most valuable outside sources of credibility for a website for a variety of reasons. That is why the source of the backlinks is more important than the number of them.

Google and other search engines want to see quality sites from within an industry linking back to the company’s website.

It is better to have five high-quality, relevant blogs linking to the website than to have 15 irrelevant, low domain authority ones.

Cut the outreach by using Contento.

Contento is a web-app that allows a company to offer their articles to top blogs. They can search for blogs with a high Domain Authority within the selected industry or niche and then offer articles directly to them. It cuts out the entire outreach process and saves the business a ton of time.

Read the descriptions, check out the blogs and carefully select the sites the company wants to publish on. Quality over quantity here is critical!

Create timeless articles for ongoing value

Vertical content, or sometimes known as skyscraper or evergreen content, is detailed all-encompassing long-form content that will be relevant for more than just a week. Aim to create evergreen articles that will stand the test of time.

Know the keywords the company wants to target, but don’t keyword stuff the articles. Do some research in the industry and identify the top three SERPs in the company’s primary keyword queries.

The company then needs to create something that’s better than anything that currently exists.

The more effort the business puts in, the better the ROI will be. Ensure that the evergreen long-form guest posts include images, infographics, statistics and maybe even a little humor. It will take a little longer to create, but it’ll get a much better return.

Great content gets shared, and this highly shareable content will also gain additional backlinks.

Value-adding content is king.

Even if the company’s overall aim is to build high-quality links through guest articles; the ultimate goal should always be to provide value-adding content for the reader. Value-adding content is king!

Give value, and it’ll win every time. When a business starts to lose sight of providing the audience with any real value and begin to focus on too many on other things, i.e. SEO and keyword stuffing, then their articles will become useless to the reader.

Over the years, most marketers shunned guest posting, believing that the major search engines devalued their “link juice” and that the backlinks don’t provide enough value for the work involved.

Simply put, that thinking is not correct!

Guest posting, when done correctly, offers a high-value backlink to the website, along with a reference point to someone with knowledge on the subject matter of the post.

The more a company guest posts, the better visibility their website will have.

The problem that most marketers have is that they don’t want to dedicate the time necessary to cultivate great guest posts. We get it. The whole process is laborious and time-consuming.

The Secret Guest Posting Tool

Step up the business’ guest posting game. Guest posting, through Contento, could be the secret sauce. The competitive advantage of the business.

The business will hit an area that is being massively underutilized. They will engage new customers that they might not otherwise have been able to reach, and they’ll quickly increase their search rankings and organic traffic.

So go forth and guest post like a pro, with Contento.