Why Every Working Nurse Should Consider an RN to BSN Program

If you’re a busy nurse and mom, then adding more things to your schedule may sound overwhelming. However, completing an RN to BSN program doesn’t have to be stressful. There are online programs that can help you balance family, work and education at the same time. The benefits of getting a BSN are enormous.

Why you need a BSN

According to the journal of Global Qualitative Nursing Research, about 60 percent of all nurses begin their careers with an associate’s degree or diploma in nursing (ADN). However, most healthcare and nursing organizations, such as the American Nurses Association, have been recommending for years that nurses have at least a bachelor’s degree or BSN.

According to Maryville University, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) has recommended that 80 percent of all nurses have at least a BSN degree by 2020. The reason for this recommendation is that fewer people are entering the healthcare workforce, while more people are retiring, so nurses can fill an important void. By having a BSN, they will be able to take on more roles with higher responsibility.

RN to BSN program basics

The main reasons why many moms who are nurses don’t get a BSN are lack of time and money. Although they would love to further their education, it’s difficult to fit classes around the kids’ school, activities and other family obligations. When you add the busy work schedules most nurses have, it’s easy to understand why so many don’t get a BSN.

Fortunately, there are online RN to BSN programs that don’t require attending a brick-and-mortar school. You can complete all of the coursework online and get an official bachelor’s degree. In addition, this can be done in as little as three semesters. Some programs allow you to do the accelerated track, which takes less time to complete, because you can transfer credits from your associate’s degree.

Benefits of a BSN degree

One of the main benefits of getting a BSN degree is that it allows you to quality for more opportunities in healthcare. Search for nursing jobs that require a BSN on CareerBuilder and compare them to the RN jobs, and you’ll see a big difference in pay. Likewise, look for BSN nursing opportunities on FlexJobs, and you’ll also see a higher level of responsibility for those with bachelor’s degrees.

By having a BSN, you are more likely to get well-paying higher management work. For instance, a nursing manager can earn $60,000 to $80,000 per year in some parts of the country. A BSN can also open up opportunities outside of a hospital or clinic setting. You can find jobs in care facilities, nursing homes, research labs, federal agencies, social services and schools.

If you have considered signing up for an RN to BSN program before, now is the perfect time to do it. As the kids return to school, you’ll be able to focus on furthering your career. One of the best ways do this is to get a bachelor’s degree in nursing.