Nine Web Development Trends to Comprehend

Nowadays if you want to grab and maintain your customers’ attention, it is imperative that your website and social media pages boast dazzling design and fantastic functionality. You can spend hours crafting the most informative blog post, but when your website does not offer a first-class user experience, it will go unread.

So, to make sure that you meet and exceed your potential customers’ expectations you have to find a way to integrate these nine trends into your web development and marketing campaigns.

Being Accessible to All

For way too long websites have many times failed to include users with disabilities such as vision or hearing impairments. So, as part of your SEO marketing campaign it is strongly recommended that your web development crew ensures that your website is in compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

SEO Landing Pages Using State-of-the-art Design Elements

Gone are the days where the landing page of your website must have big chunks of text. As Google’s search algorithms are starting to pay more attention to user experience, there is no longer a need for your landing page to be weighed down by so much text. After all, Internet users do not even read a third of what is written on your web page. Instead, be sure to use different web design elements that will guide your potential customers to improve the user experience.

Google Fonts

What is not to like about something free, right? Well, apart from being free, Google fonts let you add unique typography to your website. On top of that, there are more than 130 languages to choose from! Though, what makes Google fonts such as great resource is that it will boost the loading time of your website as well as its performance.


The use of video in web development has become even more popular. As you only have a matter of seconds to capture the attention of your potential customers, it is key that web developers find a way and use elements that will be able to motivate users to engage with your website content. Now with the help of video you can do just that. Let it help you to tell the story behind your brand, after all, let us be honest, the majority of users are anything but avid readers.

Hero Images

The use of big, bold images is a trend in web development that more and more companies are implementing. Videos and geometric fonts are another big hit! Web developers are definitely falling in love with clean and bold web design elements.

Chatbots and Live Chat

Say hello to the new way to offer customer support… Nowadays you will find increasingly more chat interfaces that are situated towards the right-bottom corner of the web page. Also, thanks to certain tools, your website visitors will be able to see to whom they have chatted the previous round along with a summary of that conversation.

An Interactive Experience

One of the most important insights that businesses need to understand regarding web page development is that in order for it to be successful, businesses will have to find ways to ensure that their visitors can enjoy an interactive user experience with their brand. The truth is that the bar is a lot higher as users nowadays expect more. Your web design needs to wow them and ensure a unique and meaningful experience.

Minimalist Design

Apple’s website is the perfect example of how effective loads of white space with a dash of colour can be. Yes, a clean look might have been trending for quite some time already, though nowadays it has taken on a whole new look that is leaning more towards minimalism. To achieve best results, it is key that your web development finds the right balance between design that is easy on the eyes and informative website content.

Responsive Design

There is no need to highlight that mobile devices play a huge role in how business is conducted in this day and age. If you have an e-commerce website, it is crucial that your web development team creates a mobile-friendly design so that more users will be able to access your website via their mobile devices. In short, mobile-friendly design is an absolute must-have today! Internet users are becoming more sophisticated and are demanding a flawless digital experience. In fact, to increase the traffic to your website, insist on Accelerated Mobile Pages.