The 10 best tricks to use the iPhone X

The newly launched Apple iPhone X offers its users a lot of news. It has a new hardware that facilitates wireless charging, a new design with a 5.8 inch OLED screen and even more exclusive features in its software.

For years that Apple did not change the design of their smartphones. Now, with the iPhone X, the company has renewed its aesthetics. Something that has not happened since 2014. And, without a doubt, it’s the most radical design change since the iPhone was introduced in 2007.

Both for its new design and its new software, the iPhone X has some hidden tricks that you may not know … Do you want to discover them?

10 tricks for your brand new iPhone X

1. Reach ability

The Reach ability function allows users to download all the contents of the user interface by a few centimeters in order to better reach each element with their fingers. To activate this useful feature on the iPhone X you will have to enable it from Settings> General> Accessibility> Reach ability. Afterwards, you will only have to slide your finger down at the bottom of the OLED screen of your terminal.

2. Zoom on YouTube

The iPhone X has a frame on the upper front that is embedded in the OLED screen. This controversial frame is intended for facial recognition functions of 3D sensors and the FaceTime camera. Due to this frame, some videos are shown in a smaller size. But if you do not want to see the black bands on both sides, and you do not mind the frame, you can zoom into YouTube videos by simply pressing twice, clicking on the new icon or pinching with your fingers on the screen.

3. Close applications quickly

Traditionally, in iPhone models of previous generations, to close applications you had to enter the App Switcher mode and swipe up on each of them. With the iPhone X, now you will have to access the multitasking system and keep your finger pressed on the apps, then close them by sliding your finger up or pressing the circular icon in red.

4. Turn off Face ID attention

Although the Face ID functionality will recognize you even if you wear sunglasses, beard, etc., if you deactivate the “Face ID attention” function from Settings> General> Accessibility> Face ID will recognize you even if you are not looking directly at the camera.

5. Access to Flash and Camera on the lock screen

Apple has included a couple of shortcuts to the camera’s Flash and the Camera app on the lock screen. To activate them, you will only have to use the 3D Touch function on them.

6. How to use the Animojis

To use the new Animojis of the iPhone X you will need to access iMessage, enter your App Store and click on the Animojis icon. You can select between different emojis, record your Animoji by pressing the red button and send it to whoever you want. You will have a limit of 10 seconds.

7. How to activate Siri

To activate the voice assistant on the iPhone X you will have to keep your finger pressed on the side button of the device.

8. How to take a screenshot

Taking a screenshot from the iPhone X is very easy. You only have to keep pressed the side button on / off and the button to increase the volume at the same time.

9. How to use a virtual start button

Since the iPhone X no longer has a physical home button, you may want to include a virtual one. If you want to use a virtual start button on your iPhone X you will have to go into Settings> General> Accessibility> AssistiveTouch.

10. How to turn off the iPhone X

To turn off the iPhone X you will have to follow a method very similar to taking screenshots or activating Siri. All you have to do is keep your finger pressing both the volume down button and the side on / off button for a couple of seconds. Then, as always, you will have to use the “Slide to turn off” function on the nice OLED screen of the iPhone X.

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